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air plant:

see epiphyteepiphyte
or air plant,
any plant that does not normally root in the soil but grows upon another living plant while remaining independent of it except for support (thus differing from a parasite).
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The most bizarre air plant is a huge shell-shaped, green-leaved plant attached high up a trunk by the poolside.
The DIY terrarium kits include drought-tolerant succulents, cactus, and tillandsia air plants that are easy to maintain and require very little water.
Obviously, they've never seen the champion, festooned with hundreds of air plants and mistletoe and soaring to 55 feet with a trunk more than 4 feet in diameter.
So they are often sold as air plants or Bromeliads.
Jim Nation, Spring Air president, said the latex product would broaden the offerings to retailers by Spring Air plants.
Your best bets are air plants, which have virtually no roots for you to worry about.
Most orchids and bromeliads are epiphytes, or air plants.
In addition, his expertise includes pharmaceutical intermediate production facilities, high performance laboratories, pilot plant facilities, compressed air plants, chilled water plants, hazardous storage facilities, site wide fire alarm system upgrades, security control facilities, and data center critical systems.
The lump sum payment of conduct and routine maintenance of thermal installations, air plants, DHW- The average benefit for prevention against proliferation of legionella.
Mount one or two air plants (tillandsias) into the rustproof aluminum frame for a minimalist look, or "a bunch to create a dense painting," he says.
The first of its kind in the state, the agreement would allow AGLES to buy and sell natural gas, manage VNG's interstate pipeline transportation and storage contracted assets and two propane air plants.