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Air Pressure Regulators and Controllers equipment for tubing extrusion manufactures of various plastic tubing such as: Medical tube, catheters, micro-tubing, single-lumen, multiple-Lumen, balloon, co-extrusions, taper, automotive and Multi-Lumen.
On the first cold day of winter, I had to inflate my tires although they had no leaks because of the lowering of the air pressure inside.
The improper setting of winding speed, gas pressure and air pressure of singeing machine may affect the burning intensity and result in a negative effect upon the tensile properties of the yarn.
It uses a composite piston, so when you charge it with air, the incoming air pressure forces the piston against the barrel and it seals it.
Drivers have also been told to regularly check their tyres because air pressure usually increases in hot weather.
If drivers complain that a SUSV rides or steers hard, and you find the air pressure is between 55-85 psi, check out the accumulator's hydraulic fluid level.
Humidity, heat, wind, and air pressure are studied to determine the weather.
Tyre safety depends on various factors including weather, use of brakes, wheel balance, the vehicle's load, air pressure, age of the tyres, and the original quality of the tyres.
Metrological Department told that the outburst of dust in the air is due to variation of air pressure in the region including India, Pakistan and Middle East.
NORBAR TORQUE TOOLS has launched a new Multi Channel Lubro for regulating air pressure when using pneumatic torque multipliers and other pneumatic tools.
Answers will vary but should include: When the air pressure is low, the water level in the straw goes up.