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Air sampling is a widely adopted method designed to monitor workers' exposure to potential airborne workplace threats.
However, in most of the studies where environmental sampling is achieved only through air sampling, data regarding fungal burden are probably underestimated.
The patient described sitting most days outside his urban accommodation on an elevated and exposed mowed grassy area that overlooks ground sloping downhill to a rocky open drain, an environment that prompted the potential for targeted air sampling. The site was visited and environmental samples taken 6 weeks after the patient's hospital admission.
The EPA reported indoor air sampling has been conducted every year at the Montessori school buildings on Duane Avenue, and results continue to meet EPA requirements.
VAI's Environmental Control Monitoring Division (ECMD) designs an assortment of viable air sampling equipment.
PARAMETERS OF STUDY: Air Sampling System, HI Media.
In all instances, the air sampling was designed to capture airborne particles, including extremely small micro- particulates.
Personal and area air sampling revealed significant concentrations of airborne amphibole asbestos above background concentrations when VAI was disturbed.
GilAir Plus has the widest dynamic flow range of any personal air sampling pump (0-5,000 cc/min without using a low flow adaptor required by all competitive personal air sampling pumps).
For the fourth edition of the large Methods of Air Sampling and Analysis, Maiello updated the radioactive air sampling section; unfortunately the tome's editor died in 2001 and the new edition never saw the light of day.
Thomas (Sheboygan, WI) announced a new pressure/vacuum pump with mobility and long life, making it useful in office machines as well as medical, analytical, and air sampling equipment.