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So 5,000 fans can say they were there the day Tiger Woods took a dozen air shots.
Walking stiffly, he was even seen practising fresh air shots as if his mind was still on the Grand Slam game.
That group included Paul Casey, who shot an 80, and 1982 champ Sandy Lyle, with an amazing five air shots in his 84.
That group included 1982 champion Sandy Lyle with an amazing five air shots in his 84.
No, nothing really, but I do I remember when I first became a member at a golf club and I was on the tee for the first time and I had a few air shots.
McKeown is still considering going to the Court of Appeal over this and the judge's acceptance that the disciplinary panel was allowed to conclude there were air shots despite the four sets of racecourse stewards not finding any breach of the rules.