air sickness

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motion sickness

A condition in which a person suffers from nausea and vomiting. Motion sickness includes sea sickness, car sickness, swing sickness, and air sickness. The sickness in the air may be caused by a fear of flying, apprehension at seeing the horizon at different angles, turbulence, unusual attitudes, and g forces. It also may be caused by mismatching between the balance signals from the ear and the visual signals from the eye. Also called air sickness.
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A passenger boarding an America West Airlines flight at Seattle found a bomb threat written on an air sickness bag on 12 August.
As a CEO who likes and values his job, you don't want to end up like the unhappy character in the commercial who found that he had paid too much for his airplane travel, his rental car, his motel--and was lunging for his air sickness bag.
For example, an airplane turning as you circle the airport may cause air sickness.
They include - and this is for real - cheese labels, sugar sachets, matchboxes and, would you believe, air sickness bags
While briefing the student, I learned that his performance was below average and he had had issues with air sickness.
Boeing's latest jetliner may help some passengers avoid air sickness.