air tap

air vent

In a water distribution system, a vent for releasing trapped air; usually located at the highest point in the system.
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The device's interface used gaze input (head tracking), gesture (bloom, air tap, press and hold), and voice commands.
Air tap (tap and release): with the dorsal aspect of the user's hand facing them, raising and flexing the index finger (ie, up, down, and up again) in a pinchlike fashion (press and release); for selecting an operation.
For all use cases in this study, the bloom, air tap, and tap and hold were used as well as associated interchangeable voice commands or calling on Cortana for expedited command operation.
This is music at its rawest form; get ready to hum and air tap along to the artists' heartfelt, reflective, folk-inspired tunes.
He was forced to run a cleaning rod from the muzzle through the air tap and into the transfer port, then hammer the rod until two lead plugs fell out the back of the gun.
Shortly after this downward motion began, males typically jerked or "tapped" the metatarsus and tarsus several times (what I have called an "air tap").
Overall, 14 of 15 males performed each distinctive courtship behavior (slow movement; slower palpal plucking and tapping; multiple leg I raises and extensions with air taps) in the presence of female cues, while none of the males performed these behaviors in the presence of male cues.
In particular, males slowly followed a dragline, tapped and/or plucked it with their palps, and performed leg I raises and extensions with air taps. Females appeared able to detect the male's approach at a distance of 5-10 cm.
A virtual toolbox appeared in front of me, and I could open it with the "air tap" gesture.
M2 EQUITYBITES-January 6, 2016-Gulf Air taps Sabre to streamline operations