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Just as important was a stunning try-saving tackle by Bryson Goodwin on an air-bound Tommy Makinson (right) early in the second half - and the Wolves centre revealed he had done his home-d mej work.
As the world's premier international financial institution, HSBC is the bank of choice for this air-bound economy, supporting millions of customers traveling for business and pleasure.
Featuring super-bouncy, super-sized interconnecting trampolines plus masses of air-bound activities, the Park will surely be a big hit.
In the meantime, a spokesman for RedKangaroo explained more about the new park, saying: "The huge building will house a whole host of super-bouncy, super-sized interconnecting trampolines plus masses of air-bound activities and state-of-the-art.
Ultrasound promises to move interaction from the flat and physical to the three-dimensional and air-bound. And that's just for starters.
We read of a weapon being produced by Israeli defense manufacturers that makes use of laser beams to bring down certain air-bound threats, albeit at a short range only as of this time.
Although the airline has started small, it is considered as a matter of national Palestinian pride that they are once again air-bound.
For the sake of portability during all the air-bound globe-trotting, I paid particular attention to how such a bulky collection of equipment could be secured with minimal weight.
hand to head in angst?--only to reject any straightforward story-line with an ecstatic, air-bound performance.
Homeland Security on track for air-bound cargo screening.
The insert will contain an illustration of air-bound swine by movie-poster illustrator George Angelini ("Batman Returns").
This air-bound apparatus is attracting athletes both young and old who are looking for a new thrill with a twist.