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The air-breathing ion-propulsion project was launched thanks to the group of European enthusiasts and investors joint under the hDock42 brand, which is focused on the promotion and commercial development of European know-how.
The hybrid air-breathing rocket engine, which is a cross between a jet and a rocket engine, is being designed to send an aircraft from a standing start to over five times the speed of sound for hypersonic flight in the atmosphere, and over 25 times the speed of sound for space access.
Intestinal tract, Paramisgurnus dabryanus, Microstructure, Ultrastructure, Mucous epithelial cells, Air-breathing loach.
The performance of an air-breathing PEM fuel cell stack is strongly affected by the ambient temperature and humidity.
Air-breathing hypersonic vehicles (AHVs) are regarded as a promising technology for cost-efficient and reliable access to space.
The purpose of the Indian Space Research Organisation\'s (ISRO) experimental mission is the realisation of an Air-Breathing Propulsion System that utilises hydrogen fuel and oxygen from the atmosphere as an oxidiser.
Used widely in the defence industry to provide propulsion for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) or drones, air-breathing solid fuel ramjets operate in a similar way to conventional ramjets, but are simpler.
Within the biogeographic region including the former Bering land bridge and adjacent areas in Alaska and northeastern Siberia known as Beringia (Pielou 1991) they are the only air-breathing fish.
Subsequently he worked at the Atomic Energy Authority on the JET and RFX nuclear research projects, and as a consultant engineer to BAe Systems during the HOTOL space launcher project, having invented its RB545 air-breathing rocket engines.
The current air-breathing hypersonic vehicles can be mainly divided into two categories according to the different inlet layouts, i.e.
It also holds the world record for fastest air-breathing manned aircraft--naturally, since its standard procedure for evading missiles was Hying faster.
This week, the UK Government pledged PS60million to help fund a new air-breathing rocket engine technology that could transform air travel and open up the potential for space flight becoming as easy as boarding a plane.