air-conditioning duct

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air duct

A duct, usually fabricated of metal, fiberglass, or concrete; used to transfer air from one location to another.
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The gas from the pesticide travelled through the central air-conditioning duct to the apartments of the victims.
The fix can be as simple as sealing up leaky air-conditioning ducts (Fig.
The statement added: "Some people use pesticides that generate toxic gases which spread in the building through air-conditioning duct systemEoACA* The public should not apply professional or concentrates pesticides at their homes; they should seek out Dubai Municipality-licensed companies.
A worker, who was engaged in dismantling air-conditioning ducts near the ceiling, fell about 2.
A source close to the family of the victims said the chemical poison infiltrated the hotel rooms through the air-conditioning ducts.
From your description of all the problems you encountered, it is possible that some fibers may have been sent through the air-conditioning ducts into the living space.
They can poison aqueducts or spread deadly substances in the air-conditioning ducts in public places, and Europe is not protected as is the US," Madrigali said in an interview with FNA.
The news site claims to have found wi-fi antennas, sewage pipes, air-conditioning ducts and "impressive staircases and balconies" on two of the barges.
Handpainted motifs on the walls, air-conditioning ducts that look like lattice windows, a parrot theme carried through the hotel, elevators with what look like old wooden creaking doors, a sense of space, sweeping space that makes you relax immediately.
Banks of elevators function like arteries, the furnace is a giant sweat gland, air-conditioning ducts are drawn-out branches of lung.
This allows room for someone to crawl under the foundation to install mechanical equipment such as electrical wiring and air-conditioning ducts, and give easy access to the equipment for repairs.