air-conditioning duct

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air duct

A duct, usually fabricated of metal, fiberglass, or concrete; used to transfer air from one location to another.
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Two public health examples are the original outbreak of Legionella pneumonia caused by biofilms on air-conditioning ducts and the outbreak of Pseudomonas infection caused by biofilms created during the production of albuterol; the latter resulted in approximately 100 deaths in the early 1990s.
We will eventually be including BNA technology in other products, including dental applications and heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) applications, including air-conditioning ducts.
MicroSent is now in the final stages of testing the MS 3000 seen here in prototype form, a unit designed to treat entire buildings by connecting to its own existing air-conditioning ducts.
74-391 considered a raised floor built over an existing floor to permit wiring, air-conditioning ducts and other services for computer equipment to be installed.
supplies Metasol TK-100, a thiabendizole-based mildewcide and fungicide (not bactericide) to masterbatch compounders in Japan for use in PP and PE applications such as air-conditioning ducts.
The ceiling and linings that lean in from the windows to conceal air-conditioning ducts are in coarse-grained chipboard of the same colour as the oak strip floor.
A source close to the family said the poison infiltrated the hotel rooms through the air-conditioning ducts.
A: Having heating and air-conditioning ducts cleaned every once in a while is a good idea.
The Auto Club's ``homeowner's checklist'' includes clearing debris from rain gutters and checking for loose connections; removing debris from the roof and checking for missing shingles; making sure roof flashing - the sheet metal used for waterproofing - has been installed around pipes, satellite dishes, air-conditioning ducts, heater pipe vents and other openings; checking metal vents and chimney coves for signs of rusting; and checking exterior walls for peeling paint or other signs of water damage.
of the United States, found that air-conditioning ducts on the third floor of the factory's paint-coating section have been burnt out.
Certified model features include tinted windows, sealed air-conditioning ducts, Energy Star appliances, certified yards, the roofs, steel wall studs and concrete block walls, permeable paver driveways, carbon monoxide detectors and recycled water irrigation.
Applications include appliance pumps, air-conditioning ducts, automotive batteries and reservoirs, taillight assemblies, gas tanks, and other containers.