air-conditioning duct

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air duct

A duct, usually fabricated of metal, fiberglass, or concrete; used to transfer air from one location to another.
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The fix can be as simple as sealing up leaky air-conditioning ducts (Fig.
The gas from the pesticide travelled through the central air-conditioning duct to the apartments of the victims.
"The smell came in from the air-conditioning duct which is located in the bathroom of each bedroom.
The statement added: "Some people use pesticides that generate toxic gases which spread in the building through air-conditioning duct systemEoACA* The public should not apply professional or concentrates pesticides at their homes; they should seek out Dubai Municipality-licensed companies.
* At the advent of summer, invest in deep cleaning of air-conditioning ducts to clear the molds and fungal spores.
Air-conditioning ducts and ventilation systems should also be cleaned regularly.
The rodents would appear every now and then in the windowpanes and the air-conditioning ducts. A steward on board confirmed that carriage indeed had its fair share of rats but said they would cause no harm to passengers.
From your description of all the problems you encountered, it is possible that some fibers may have been sent through the air-conditioning ducts into the living space.
They can poison aqueducts or spread deadly substances in the air-conditioning ducts in public places, and Europe is not protected as is the US," Madrigali said in an interview with FNA.
The news site claims to have found wi-fi antennas, sewage pipes, air-conditioning ducts and "impressive staircases and balconies" on two of the barges.
Handpainted motifs on the walls, air-conditioning ducts that look like lattice windows, a parrot theme carried through the hotel, elevators with what look like old wooden creaking doors, a sense of space, sweeping space that makes you relax immediately.