air-conditioning unit

room air conditioner, packaged air conditioner, unit air conditioner, unit cooler

A factory-made encased unit which is designed to deliver conditioned air to an enclosed space without the use of ducts; usually mounted in a window or in an opening in a wall, or as a console.
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Be sure to clean air-conditioning unit filters before the cold weather sets in.
A TERRIFIED gran who fell out of her flat was left clinging on to an air-conditioning unit 35ft off the ground.
Beginning January 2012, no air-conditioning unit will be allowed entry to the UAE unless they comply with energy efficiency labelling system.
The new alternative works by using sensors to monitor the temperature of refrigerant at various points along the tubing in an air-conditioning unit.
The blaze started in an air-conditioning unit at the rear of Blockbuster, off Fletchamstead Highway, Tile Hill, Coventry, just before 9pm on Tuesday.
When one of the smart new buses was unveiled recently at the Coach and Bus Live exhibition in Birmingham, bus managers and experts hit their heads on an air-conditioning unit on the top deck.
Heat from the planes' air-conditioning unit, located next to the fuel tank, caused the temperature in the tank to become dangerously high, making it more likely to explode.
A short time later the patient removed the air-conditioning unit from the Window and exited the hospital through the window and fell to the ground.
White Elephant, 1999, is a large (but not white) copper cast of an old industrial air-conditioning unit.
Four adults and four children died in what police believe was a tragic accident when an air-conditioning unit sucked poisonous fumes into their home.
0 HP Wall Mounted Split Type Air-conditioning unit w/ Remote & Inverter Technology
For an air-conditioning unit, "sized" for the 10 warmest days of a year, the Energy WatchDog periodically turns off the cooling system's compressor before it reaches a saturation temperature.