air cushion

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air cushion

1. the pocket of air that supports a hovercraft
2. a form of pneumatic suspension consisting of a constricted volume of air

Air Cushion


a region of increased air pressure between the base of a machine and a supporting surface or between the movable and fixed elements of mechanisms in instruments and machine tools. It is used in transportation equipment (hovercraft, ram-wing craft, and other flying vehicles), various instruments (gyroscopes), and mechanisms as an”air bearing” to reduce the friction between contiguous surfaces .

Static and dynamic methods of forming an air cushion exist. In the static method, pressure is created in the air cushion by a fan or compressor, and in the dynamic method it is developed by the relative velocity of an airflow. Of the many known methods for producing an air cushion, the principal ones are the chamber, nozzle, slot, and wing types.

In the chamber method, the lifting force is produced by the static air pressure forced under the base of the chamber by a fan. Owing to the lifting force, the chamber is raised, and the air then escapes through the gap formed between the chamber rim and the supporting surface. Since the leakage area is fairly large, a substantial air flow rate is needed even with relatively small gaps. In the nozzle method, the air cushion is created by an airflow from an orifice located around the perimeter of the nozzle assembly. The lifting force is made up of the static pressure force on the base of the nozzle assembly and the reaction forces from the outflow of air through the nozzle. This method permits larger gaps between the base of the nozzle assembly and the supporting surface with lower airflow rates. In the slot method, the air cushion is created in a thin, slotlike cavity from which the air flows out in all directions. This cavity is located between specially shaped carrying and supporting surfaces in the case of transportation equipment and between the movable and fixed elements of mechanisms in machine tools. The increased pressure of the air cushion is maintained as a result of relative motion between the surfaces and because of the viscosity of the air passing through the slot. In the wing method an air cushion is formed by the increased air pressure under the wing of a flying vehicle (such as a ram-wing craft) as it moves with a certain angle of attack close to a supporting surface.


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air cushion

[′er ‚ku̇sh·ən]
(mechanical engineering)
A mechanical device using trapped air to arrest motion without shock.
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Homax also received from the Taiwan Footwear Manufacturers Association in 1987 a trophy for well designed air-cushioned shoes.
Having won so many honors at home stoked Huang's confidence to compete against supposedly formidable rivals in international contests: In 1991 Homax attended the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva, Switzerland and won a bronze medal for the special design of air-cushioned sports footwear, repeating the feat two years later and then garnered a silver medal in 2006 for unique design in air-cushioned shoes.
Besides being highly regarded as Taiwan's "godfather of air-cushioned shoes," Huang is committed to turning the island into the global leader in air-cushioned shoes production, aiming to successfully market such footwear worldwide.
If they are mass-marketed, these air-cushioned vehicles could he used for search-and-rescue missions because they can access remote, weedy, or low-lying, water filled areas that other types of vehicles can't get to, Kirby said.
May 1995 Results of whip design working group announced, with air-cushioned whip topping test
September 1995 Jockeys lash out at air-cushioned whip design
The animal welfare charity wants air-cushioned whips to become standard and, like the apprentice races, carried but not used with hands off the reins.
Donigan conceded that "there is no guarantee" the Jockey Club would accept the RSPCA idea of whips being merely carried, and in that event called for the introduction of the air-cushioned instrument across the board.
There are currently two other 'safety' whips being marketed, an air-cushioned design and another which uses a foam design to cover the flap of the whip.
The tests would be based on results reached in the past by the air-cushioned design.
JOCKEY CLUB officials conducting a review of the whip instructions will have the chance to inspect a new air-cushioned whip before they finalise any rule changes.
Tests have demonstrated that the air-cushioned whip is less likely to mark or injure horses, and its formal adoption is among the proposals recently put forward by the RSPCA.