air-to-air refueling

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aerial refueling

A method of extending the range of military aircraft by refueling them from tanker aircraft in air. Air refueling can be done by tanker aircraft or by specially modified combat aircraft. In the latter case, it is known as buddy refueling. Also known as air-to-air refueling. See also buddy refueling.
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A typical mission over Iraq lasted eight hours, and involved loitering on station for up to six hours, interspersed with air-to-air refueling provided by 101 Squadron VC10s.
The military hasn't always looked favorably on the idea of air-to-air refueling.
A common pattern for US planes is an air-to-air refueling soon after takeoff, more refueling mid-flight, if necessary, and an additional refueling on the way home.
The jets were supported by VC10 and Tristar air-to-air refueling aircraft.
Planned drills included artillery, anti-submarine charges and air-to-air refueling, an official at the South's Joint Chiefs of Staff said.
After completing a night air-to-air refueling, the Master Caution light illuminated and an Engine Lube Low warning appeared on the pilot fault list display.
During an air-to-air refueling connection with an MC-130P Combat Shadow aircraft from RAF Mildenhall, England, the world outside the Pave Hawk went white.
The second part of the Malaysian Upgrade calls for Lockheed Martin to provide Airod with modification kits to equip two C-130Hs with a self- contained air-to-air refueling system.
air strikes, British tanker aircraft have been providing air-to-air refueling support to U.
Air-to-air refueling aircraft will also be made available.
About the VC-10: The VC-10 C1K is a dual-role Air Transport and Air-to-Air Refueling aircraft.
Qatar have selected Airbus Defence and Space to supply two A330 MRTT new generation air-to-air refueling aircraft for the Qatar Emiri Air Force.

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