dive brakes

Control surfaces that extend from the aircraft surface and significantly increase drag, thus permitting aircraft to dive steeply at moderate air speeds. Dive brakes also are used to decelerate aircraft in flight. Spoilers may also function as dive brakes. Also called airbrakes

dive flaps

Surfaces on either the wings or the fuselage that can be extended in flight to create sufficient parasite drag to prevent aircraft from accelerating to very high speeds in a dive. The same as airbrakes and dive brakes.

speed brakes

A type of secondary aircraft controls, which increases the drag considerably when extended, permitting aircraft to decelerate or descend steeply. These are flat platelike structures on the top and/or bottom of the wings or the bottom or side of the fuselage, which remain flush in normal flight and are extended when in use. Also called dive brakes and airbrakes
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Currently being assembled in Bristol, Bloodhound will be fitted with airbrakes and winglets after its Newquay trial so it can start high-speed testing at Hakskeen Pan, in South Africa's Northern Cape in summer 2016.
It will take almost five miles to bring the dart-shaped car to a halt with airbrakes and parachutes so driver Andy, 51, will need to have nerves of steel.
It will be the first business jet fitted with flaperons - active deflection control surfaces that can act both as flaps, ailerons or airbrakes.
SWANSEA UNI PLAYING VITAL ROLE IN PROJECT IT HAS solid titanium wheels, the same engine as the Typhoon Eurofighter, a V12 racing car engine just to power its fuel pump and it will use airbrakes and parachutes to slow down.
However, it looks like their career's airbrakes have slammed on when they both fail their mock tests.
Finally, ET409's flight actuators -- the parts of a plane's wing which extend during landing to act as airbrakes -- may have been faulty.
Engineer Kerry Cone, immediate past chairman of the Society of Automotive Engineers Sound Level Technical Committee, is skeptical of broadband alarms, because he says that people are "imprinted" on conventional beepers, and he doubts they would respond as readily to a signal that he says sounds more like airbrakes.
The car will use airbrakes and two parachutes to bring it to a rest after each run.
Slim's first musical outing was back in 1973 with the album Merry Airbrakes, and he has worked alongside any number of bluesmen over the years.
I pulled the throttles to idle and jerked the drag chute handle back while the aircraft commander raised the airbrakes.