dive brakes

Control surfaces that extend from the aircraft surface and significantly increase drag, thus permitting aircraft to dive steeply at moderate air speeds. Dive brakes also are used to decelerate aircraft in flight. Spoilers may also function as dive brakes. Also called airbrakes

dive flaps

Surfaces on either the wings or the fuselage that can be extended in flight to create sufficient parasite drag to prevent aircraft from accelerating to very high speeds in a dive. The same as airbrakes and dive brakes.

speed brakes

A type of secondary aircraft controls, which increases the drag considerably when extended, permitting aircraft to decelerate or descend steeply. These are flat platelike structures on the top and/or bottom of the wings or the bottom or side of the fuselage, which remain flush in normal flight and are extended when in use. Also called dive brakes and airbrakes
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The F-22 launched decoy flares and used airbrakes while constantly maneuvering (near the Russian strike jets), imitating an air fight," Konashenkov said, adding that the US jet ceased its dangerous maneuvers only after a Russian Su-35S fighter jet joined the two strike planes.
There's an inner wing with flaps and Schempp-Hirth airbrakes, foldable outer wings with continuous ailerons, two wing extensions with ailerons and two winglets.
30pm Imagine a squeal of airbrakes as the hit Channel 4 strand arrives on E4, with a gang of young Brits visiting some of southern Europe's top party spots.
And it came from according honor to the formerly despised of Bolton--or of Osaka or of Lake Wobegon--commoners exercising their liberty to relocate a factory or invent airbrakes.
Since then and with the introduction of advanced composites in the 1980s such as the CFRP, these materials are no more only used for secondary loading structures such as the rudder, spoilers, airbrakes, elevators and flaps of the A320.
Both types of DE locos would pull heavy and long haul freight trains with High Bogie Wagons (HBW) fitted with airbrakes and roller bearings to reach speed of 100 kmph for freight trains.
Initially, Alers told the other truck driver that he had pulled over because he was tired, but later he stopped on the shoulder after an alarm went off signaling problems with his truck's airbrakes.
Currently being assembled in Bristol, Bloodhound will be fitted with airbrakes and winglets after its Newquay trial so it can start high-speed testing at Hakskeen Pan, in South Africa's Northern Cape in summer 2016.
It will take almost five miles to bring the dart-shaped car to a halt with airbrakes and parachutes so driver Andy, 51, will need to have nerves of steel.