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She then went off on a weekend caravan break and she felt like a bit of a celebrity as everyone was asking her about her airbrushed tattoos," added clothes blogger Natalie, who also has two other children, Shardeh, 12, and Cameron-Lee, 17.
While images of airbrushed models do not necessarily translate to more sales, a number of researches have proved that the beauty industry's influence on women has, at most times, "unjustly resulted in anxiety, low self-esteem, and low self-confidence", said Bonifacio.
Nikki Toman with daughter Tiana who has an airbrushed tattoo sleeve
AIRBRUSHED? 3 Christina's chin is sculpted with shadows, her raised shoulder seems awkwardly attached and her wrist looks too long and bendy
Why would anyone retouch her picture to make her look fairer or pale?" " If the photos have to be airbrushed at all, one should give her a nice tan and a bronzed glow.
"I bashed it while I was in the Arctic and there was a bruise - which had to be airbrushed.
Either way, Girlguiding UK's demand for compulsory labelling on airbrushed pictures is unlikely to affect my own body image.
Airbrushed images of models are giving children and young people a false view of how "normal" people look, and are creating a unhealthy environment where we are not valuing individuals who are perceived as "less than perfect".'
Summary: Gordon Brown has attacked David Cameron in the Commons over an apparently airbrushed photo of the Tory leader on an election poster.
Laabs designed and painted the airbrushed mural of a pool hall scene with walls, windows and doors, inside a building used for the 24: Seven youth ministry at HighPointe Church in Thompson, Conn.
Now Sabrina has her tan professionally airbrushed onto her skin: 'This was instant gratification,' she says.
Airbrushed fabricated nails, where color is applied to a nail, and a design is then stenciled onto the nail, are also developing a strong following.