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The aircraft fuel system market in Asia-Pacific is expected to account for the largest share of the aircraft fuel systems market in 2015, while the market in the Middle East is expected to be the fastest-growing market globally, during the forecast period.
Innovations are being made by the aircraft fuel system manufacturers to develop fuel systems made of lightweight composites to make the aircrafts more fuel-efficient.
It cited one company designee, acting on behalf of the FAA, who took his employer's view in a dispute over whether an aircraft fuel system met agency standards.
Cobham provides aircraft fuel system and antennae for Airbus aircraft - the products are worth more than pounds 100,000 on each airline the consortium makes.
An expert in aircraft fuel system crashworthiness who had bachelor's and master's degrees and extensive work experience in aerospace engineering was hired as a potential rebuttal witness.
Accompanied by a companion website housing a MATLAB/SIMULINK model of a modern aircraft fuel system that allows the user to set up flight conditions, investigate the effects of equipment failures and virtually fly preset missions.
As the system integrator, Eaton will design, develop and manufacture the complete aircraft fuel system including the electric fuel boost pumps, ejector pumps, flow control valves for fuel transfer, the refuel/defuel sub-system and the fuel quantity measurement system.
4m to more than 200 claimants under a separate AUD15m emergency package, while aircraft fuel system cleaning costs to about AUD280,000 have also been reimbursed to operators according to Reuters.
Founded in 1997 and based out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, The Fuel Cell is a leading provider in the repair, maintenance and overhaul of jet aircraft fuel system components.
The Air & Fuel Division is a leading provider of aircraft fuel system components, aerial refueling equipment, high-temperature bleed air valves, turbine clearance control valves, air turbine starters, and aircraft fuel tank inerting systems and components.
A statement released by Mobil`s aviation manager said that `to date Mobil has paid out over AUD1m to reimburse customers for costs associated with aircraft fuel system inspection, testing and clean out and to provide financial relief for those in need.
The Defense Department declared, "The facility will house multiple aircraft types and provide repairs, functionality checks, and inspections of aircraft fuel systems, fuel tanks, and related components in support of the Guam Strike mission .

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