aircraft list

aircraft list (ACL)

A view available with URET CCLD (user request evaluation tool core capability limited deployment), an automated tool provided at each radar associate position in selected en route facilities. The tool utilizes flight and radar data to determine present and future trajectories for all active and proposed aircraft. It also provides enhanced, automated flight data management that lists aircraft currently in, or predicted to be in, a particular sector's airspace. The view contains textural flight data information in line format and may be sorted into various orders based on the specific needs of the sector team.
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While the world's largest aerospace event is traditionally a cauldron for new technology and dazzling flying displays, technical problems forced the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter to withdraw from a warm-up event and Farnborough's aircraft list is already crossed through with several high-profile no-shows.
Based on Q400 NextGen aircraft list price, a firm order would be valued at approximately $995 million US.
Airbus's A320 family aircraft list prices range between USD$73.2 million and USD$80.6 million, which would make the deal worth about USD$770 million.
As previously announced, based on the Q400 NextGen aircraft list price, the firm order is valued at approximately $683 million US and could increase to approximately $1.59 billion US if the 25 options are converted to firm orders.
Based on the aircraft list price, Ethiopian Airlines' firm order contract is worth around USD242m, which would increase to USD366m should the four options be exercised.
Based on aircraft list price, the contract including ancillary services and modification work on the aircraft is valued at approximately $67 million US.
As previously announced, based on the Q400 NextGen aircraft list price, the firm order contract is valued at approximately $126 million US.
At current Q400 aircraft list prices the value of the contract is approximately USD51m.
The value of the contract based on the CRJ900 aircraft list price is approximately USD702m, Bombardier said.
Airbus to Raise Aircraft List Prices on May 1, Citing Dollar, Steel Costs Airbus SAS said it's raising the price of its planes in response to the dollar's decline against the euro and an increase in the cost of metals.
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