aircraft logbook

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aircraft log

A log of an aircraft containing the complete operational history of the aircraft, including flight time, reports of inspection, repairs, and alterations. Also called an aircraft logbook.
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7, 2012, but there was no record in the aircraft logbook of the test flight, the committee said.
First, you will find that most of your NALCO-MIS scheduled inspection reports have inspection data that was initiated from these very same documented inspection pages in the aircraft logbook and associated AESR (Aeronautical Equipment Service Record).
If you want to save time and money on pitot/static certifications, ensure the aircraft logbooks arc in order.
Valuable aircraft logbooks or records should be stored away from the plane to avoid loss through theft or vandalism.
Some mechanics think they can hold aircraft logbooks as collateral against an unpaid invoice, but in most states, this is illegal.

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