aircraft logbook

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aircraft log

A log of an aircraft containing the complete operational history of the aircraft, including flight time, reports of inspection, repairs, and alterations. Also called an aircraft logbook.
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7, 2012, but there was no record in the aircraft logbook of the test flight, the committee said.
If you want to save time and money on pitot/static certifications, ensure the aircraft logbooks arc in order.
Some mechanics think they can hold aircraft logbooks as collateral against an unpaid invoice, but in most states, this is illegal.
A mechanic with Inspection Authorization inspects the airplane, maintenance records and applicable ADs, creates a list of unairworthy items and other squawks (the list is not put in the aircraft logbooks) and stops.] states that the Logs and Records section shall place the previous and current hydraulic-contamination-control trend-analysis chart (Figure 10.5-4) with the aircraft logbooks and the SE Custody and Maintenance History Record (OPNAV 4790/51) before aircraft or equipment transfer.
In 2005-06, along with that list, we also found: aircraft logbooks not being maintained--especially noncompliance with TDs and inaccuracy of dates within logbooks, improper identification of multi-piece tools, and failure to follow respirator SOPs.
While reviewing different aircraft logbooks as part of surveys, I've noticed that the "art" of documenting maintenance inspections has fallen a little behind.

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