aircraft proximity

aircraft proximity (AIRPROX)

A situation in which, in the opinion of a pilot or air traffic service personnel, the distance between two or more aircraft, as well as their relative positions and speeds, may have compromised their safety. An aircraft proximity is classified as risk of collision when a serious risk of collision has existed; safety not assured when the safety of aircraft may have been compromised; no risk of collision when no risk of collision has existed; and risk not determined when insufficient information was available to determine the risk involved or inconclusive evidence precluded such determination. The code word used to indicate aircraft proximity is AIRPROX. All cases of aircraft proximity must be reported.
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Two aircraft proximity events in July highlight the growing problem, with incidents involving UAVs reported by commercial airline pilots on approach to both Warsaw International and London Heathrow airports.
This product line includes a variety of sensing and system products, including aircraft proximity sensors and related systems, SmartStem wireless tire pressure sensors and systems, weight & balance systems, silicon on sapphire pressure sensors and also provides extensive support for Landing System brake control system programs.
The UK Airprox Board (UKAB) reported on Wednesday that there were 155 aircraft proximity incidents in UK airspace in 2008 compared with 154 in 2007.
He said: "We can confirm that an aircraft proximity event took place on October 8 involving one of our Airbus A330 aircraft and a military jet, 40 miles northeast of Newcastle Airport.
The statement said: 'An Aircraft Proximity (Airprox) report has been filed with the Civil Aviation Authority involving a military aircraft and an A321.
But total near misses - described as aircraft proximity (airprox) incidents - rose in 2010.
The UK's Civil Aviation Authority has reported that an Aircraft Proximity (Airprox) report has been filed over an incident involving an Airbus A321 and a Boeing 737.
30am on January 5 and the Civil Aviation Authority says an aircraft proximity report has been filed.
An MoD spokesperson said: "Whenever an aircraft proximity report is filed it is investigated with the utmost importance.
35pm when an aircraft proximity warning, or airprox, was triggered.
Airprox, or aircraft proximity, reports are logged with the CAA after incidents which are judged to have put the safety of an aircraft at risk.
A statement on the Civil Aviation Authority website said: "An Aircraft Proximity (Airprox) report has been filed with the Civil Aviation Authority involving a military aircraft and an A321.
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