aircraft shelter

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tactical aircraft shelter

A shelter to house fighter-type aircraft and provide protection to the aircraft from attack by conventional weapons or damage from high winds or other elemental hazards. Also called an aircraft shelter, blast pens, and a hardened aircraft shelter.
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They are training to use the new bunker-busting Storm Shadow missile, which can be used to blast aircraft shelters and destroy the SAM 5 systems.
Since first developed in 1968, the evolving Paveway series of LGBs has revolutionized precision delivery against tactical target sets including bunkers, buildings, bridges, runways, aircraft shelters and missile launchers.
New ammunition dumps have been built, along with 100 aircraft shelters.
The precision guided bombs are used successfully against a wide array of targets including bunkers, buildings, bridges, runways, aircraft shelters and missile launchers.
The aircraft shelters now stand empty, and the last sound heard was the final transport carrying away the few remaining airmen left to shut down the base and turn it over to the Saudi government.
Additional security measures - such as hardened aircraft shelters, minefields and ground surveillance radars - will also need to be installed.
For the destruction of point targets such as aircraft shelters and command posts, where accuracies of only a few metres are required, the BGM-109C has an additional installation for terminal phase guidance.
Laage's well-concealed and scattered hardened aircraft shelters and flight line alert facilities still bear witness to the Cold War struggle between the East and West.
For attacking such installations as aircraft shelters, command posts, munitions depots, bunkers, logistic facilities, etc.
Missiles can then be delivered to the flight line, pre-positioned in aircraft shelters and loaded directly from the containers to the aircraft as needed, eliminating intermediate handling required for trailer loading and unloading.
Contract award: a) the construction of the fence (ring road) with installation of electronic security systems in the form of "design and build" - a task in redzikowo 13737 - phase i - felling of trees and deforestation, demolition aircraft shelters, shelters and rifle ammunition and construction of internal fences; - phase ii - construction of perimeter fence, gravel roads, site restoration, installation of alarm and lighting and the construction of a permanent post; b) the construction of the perimeter fence around the complex redzikowo military as a "design and build" - tasks 13739, c) the construction of two new offices passes (no.

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