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(1) A cryptocurrency reward. See airdropped token.

(2) Apple's local wireless sharing capability introduced with Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion). AirDrop was added to Apple's mobile OS as of iOS 7 to allow people to share files via Wi-Fi with other Apple users in the vicinity (see iOS versions). For example, AirDrop lets people share information in a meeting or photos at an event and even play games with strangers. In 2019, the iPhone 11 debuted with Ultra-Wideband (UWB) transmission to more precisely pinpoint another iPhone in the vicinity. See iPhone 11 and AirPlay.
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The delivery of personnel and cargo from aircraft in flight. This is normally done with the help of a parachute. Equipment can also be dropped without the use of parachutes and in a free fall under its own weight.
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The US Defense Department said that it had airdropped 28 bundles of weapons and supplies, but one of them did not make it into the hands of the Kurdish fighters.
force airdropped troops on the house of 65-year-old citizen Muhammad Hammoud Hereiz in Nassiriya, killing him instantly.
On August 13, 2004, a Stryker was successfully airdropped by a C- 17 at Edwards Air Force Base.
The paratroopers were airdropped at Harir airfield near Bashur,in northern Iraq, a US military spokesman said.
US Bunkers develops steel reinforced concrete bunkers that include the company's proprietary mix of polymer fibres, which keep the weight down to between 13 and 15 tonnes--light enough to be airlifted by a Chinook or ten-packed into a C-5 Galaxy and airdropped with an accuracy of [+ or -] 30.5 metres.
In the first few days, crews airdropped more than 140,000 of the meals to Afghan refugees.
On their first humanitarian aid missions in Afghanistan, two C-17's airdropped 37,500 food packets to displaced civilians.
Special Forces troops can be airdropped into Afghanistan.
While not the preferred method, HDRs, like MREs, can be airdropped en masse, and unlike other products, they can be dropped via the Triad system as individual packets, which flutter to the ground relatively harmlessly.
The CIA likewise financed an enormous number of excellent books that might not otherwise have been published, and even, in one particularly bizarre episode, airdropped translations of TS.
While inspecting the distribution process, Governor of Deir Ezzor Mohammad Ibrahim Samra said the new food baskets which have been airdropped recently are currently being provided to the families, and each family receives a package weighting 24kg that contains rice, burgle, and lentil.