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Using options tied to JETS, investors have additional opportunities to gain exposure to the airline industry with a smaller capital requirement.
Peter Belobaba, Program Manager of MIT's Global Airline Industry Program said: "Because a full understanding of how the airline industry operates cannot materialize on the MIT campus alone, interaction with industry players is vital.
Other industry leaders and executives have predicted consolidation in the struggling airline industry as rising fuel costs and low-cost carriers assault companies' bottom lines.
Said Fleming: "The government must realize the tremendous regulatory and financial burdens it places on the airline industry and yet fails to recognize the need for more financial resources.
By all accounts, the small jets are rapidly changing the complexion of the airline industry for many travelers.
The US airline industry is taking stock of US Airways Group's $8 billion takeover bid for bankrupt Delta Air Lines, a deal that would reshape the landscape of the world's largest commercial aviation market but must overcome significant hurdles before coming to fruition.
In contrast, the potential for airline industry consolidation presents a challenge for the nation's airports, however, the actual commencement of consolidation activity remains far from assured.
As the economy and the airline industry recovered, the jets were returned to service, leaving about 20 aircraft parked at the airport during the late 1990s.
com looks at merger and acquisition trends in the global airline industry including a shift in focus from market share to profitability.
The crippling of the nation's airline industry in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks could provide the final blow to the city's troubled plan to massively expand Los Angeles International Airport, aviation experts and economists say.
As the airline industry begins to stabilize, there is a greater appetite by the airlines to focus on improving the airline experience and its product offerings," said Chet Gray, ASBTA Vice President.
The global airline industry is predicted to record a total loss of USD5.

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