airport reference point

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airport reference point (ARP)

airport reference point (ARP)click for a larger image
Airport obstruction charts (OC).
airport reference point (ARP)click for a larger image
A point on the airport designated as the official airport location. It is generally indicated in six-digit coordinates. The ARP is located as near as is practical to the geometric center of the landing area, taking into account possible future development. Magnetic bearings and distances of obstructions within 4 NM that may constitute hazards are measured from the ARP. The same as aerodrome reference point
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You have no choice but to continue that rate of descent, watching your distance from the airport reference point. If you add half the runway length to this readout, you should have a "best-guess" idea of the runway threshold's location.
If the waypoint in the GPS is the airport reference point, such as might happen on a VFR approach at night or in compromised visibility to an airport without a published approach, you must remember there can be a slight divergence in track and bearing as you get close to the runway.
Of course, using the airport reference point that is already in Garmin's database would be easier, but using the User Waypoint technique provides a more general solution for the departure.

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