airport traffic control tower

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airport traffic control tower

[′er‚pȯrt ′traf·ik kən′trōl ‚tau̇·ər]
The terminal control point at an airport for all takeoff and landing operations, departure and approach operations, and ground movements of aircraft and airport vehicles. Abbreviated ATCT.

airport traffic control tower (ATCT)

A central operation facility in the terminal air traffic control system, consisting of a tower cabin structure, including an associated IFR (instrument flight rules) room for radar equipment, using air-to-ground communications and/or radar, visual signaling, and other devices to provide safe and expeditious movement of terminal air traffic.
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Creation of the airport traffic control tower and installation of a V.
San Francisco is a City of Innovation, and the new airport traffic control tower at SFO reflects this spirit, said San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee.
The dialogue between pilot and airport traffic control tower attendant:
Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport has begun construction of a new Federal Aviation Administration airport traffic control tower.
Future sites will include Airport Traffic Control Tower (ATCT) and Automated Flight Service Station (AFSS) locations.
from all exterior joints on the Airport Traffic Control Tower.
The Canon Photo Headquarters is located about 100 yards west of the Airport Traffic Control Tower at Wittman Airport.
After aircraft depart from an airport, they are ``handed off'' to ARTCCs by the Airport Traffic Control Tower and Terminal Radar Control (TRACON) facilities.
Founded in 1993, the company is a minority-owned Small and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (SDBE) that is primarily responsible for managing Airport Traffic Control Towers in the United States, including the Caribbean.
Jacobs' design and construction services will support new facilities, repairs, alterations, and improvements to the three major FAA platforms -- Air Route Traffic Control Centers, Terminal Radar Approach Control Facilities, and Airport Traffic Control Towers -- as well as other FAA facilities.

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