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During the verification stage, the experimental results for the Master Airscrew Electric, MAE 11x7, are compared with the propeller test data that are reported in reference [6].
Caption: Figure 5: Geometry of Master Airscrew Electric 11x7 (MAE 11x7).
It is difficult to advance any cure for a trail caused by the action of airscrew or wings in reducing the local pressure; on the other hand, an exhaust-formed trail can undoubtedly be affected in certain cases by an adjustment of throttle and mixture controls.
The Master Airscrew 16 x 10 3-blade propeller is used in this experiment [].
From these modest beginnings, he was to develop a business that embraced the manufacture of airscrews, motorcycles, automobiles and power machinery such as generator sets and marine engines.
diameter, five-bladed, adjustable-pitch airscrews are made in Germany also from carbon-fiber.
Just look at the F117.) But the propeller plane rises with gentle intent, its airscrews pulling it along at a rate sufficient to produce the critical pressure differential around the wings.
The Italian, Fiat-engined Schneider Trophy aircraft had contra-rotating (two-bladed) airscrews to obviate gyroscopic forces while going around the pylons.
Canadian concert parties like the "Tin Hats," "Airscrews," and "Haversacks" were formed.
Then he concentrated on a flying machine with twin airscrews and gull-shaped wings which looked like a stealth bomber.