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The process of modifying an existing building or space for current use; usually involves replacing some of the existing building fabric or adding new components.


1. A construction project (or portion of a project) comprising revisions within or to prescribed elements of an existing structure, as distinct from additions to an existing structure.
2. Remodeling.
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Cigarette smoke drives small airway remodeling by induction of growth factors in the airway wall.
Despite its established pro-inflammatory actions on COPD, the action of PAF on airway remodeling has been still unclear.
The study found that the MSCs reduced inflammation, reversed signs of airway remodeling and completely normalized airway/lung fibrosis and airway hyper-responsiveness, particularly when delivered intra -nasally.
Airway remodeling in the lower respiratory tract is associated with increased disease severity in asthma patients [60].
These changes in airway structure result from chronic inflammation and airway remodeling (Woolcock and Permutt 2011).
The study is the latest effort by researchers to better understand the processes that are involved in airway remodeling that can cause breathing difficulties in patients with asthma.
Airway remodeling involves permanent alterations of the architecture of the airways.
Vitamin D acts on bronchial smooth muscle cells and may play a role in the airway remodeling that occurs in long-standing asthma.
Decades of airway remodeling due to chronic inflammation lessen the likelihood of successful treatment.
And although the jury is still out on whether as-needed inhaled corticosteroids (ICS) positively affect airway remodeling, there is likewise little firm evidence that daily use is any more effective.
The fusion protein also inhibits neutrophil elastase, mast cell chymase and tryptase, and thrombin, all of which may be involved in airway remodeling in asthma.

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