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The process of modifying an existing building or space for current use; usually involves replacing some of the existing building fabric or adding new components.
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1. A construction project (or portion of a project) comprising revisions within or to prescribed elements of an existing structure, as distinct from additions to an existing structure.
2. Remodeling.
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Current asthma therapies are mostly effective in ameliorating inflammatory responses if airway remodeling processes are not already in progress, once they are present the animal became poorly responsive to those agents [47, 69], Therefore, new therapeutic alternatives and approaches are required to control and prevent asthma as well the RAO symptoms in horses [33], One option to improve clinical signs is controlling the environment in order to reduce allergens exposure [9, 10, 37] through the use of pelleted feeding [39] and improving air breathing quality by promoting good ventilation.
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It has been well documented that in HRCT scans asthmatic patients manifest more abnormalities related to permanent airway remodeling such as bronchial dilatation and bronchiectasis than do normal subjects.

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