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In one court filing, Alberts said the landslide fiasco would cost him $1.
After rebuilding the road, Alberts was able to sell some individual lots.
But as the recession set in, homebuiding in Lane County ground to a halt, and Alberts and many other developers of single-family-home subdivisions saw business dry up.
In his notice of default, Gramzow said Alberts owed $1.
But for Alberts that is not so clear, a point he plans to make when his lawsuit against Acura maker Honda goes to trial.
All they speak of is a person who is either alive or dead,'' Alberts said.
PHOTO (1) Jerry Alberts has collected a mound of literature about air bags since his accident in 1993.
Alberts, a graduate of the University of Iowa, is a seasoned IT and Business Services executive.
When you combine these assets with our new stature as a publicly traded company, I believe that the future looks very bright for IT&E and its shareholders," says Kelly Alberts, President and Chief Operating Officer of IT&E Corporation.
Additional hosts were the couple's other children: Sherry Albert; Cari King and Alex Garcia; Eugene and Cindy Albert; Vernon Albert and Patty McCulla; and Marty and Doris Anderson, all of Eugene.
Clem Albert worked in the lawn and garden business as a salesman and as owner and operator of his own business for 40 years before retiring.
In addition, Alberts will manage Emergent's information technology services for major telecommunications companies such as PanAmSat Corporation (Nasdaq:SPOT) as well as for leading corporations such as Agilent Technologies (NYSE:A).