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This last picture of the woman in Zones of the Spirit can be said to contain a very unfavourable view of woman and it's associates with the kind of obstacles that occur in the beginning of the alchemistic transformation process.
The different images have features in common which can be explained by the alchemistic pattern of thought Strindberg uses in describing the character of woman.
god of earth, a terrible god, and iron.'(83) The alchemistic 'Mars in the Earth' thus coheres with Mars Gradivus in primordiality and character.
The substitution is an artefact of Neoplatonic and alchemistic imagery in the articulation of his cosmological poetic aims.
The bondage motif runs through the alchemistic chronicles of Sulphur.
Alberich's domination motif recapitulates its alchemistic model in sometimes astounding detail.
Here, sulphurous Alberich coheres with his alchemistic counterpart's personal and family history.
In Parsifal, Wagner's creation of a Grail religion based on alchemistic poetic themes indicated his re-evaluation of the Christian myth, and carried the alchemistic tendencies of the Ring to their logical conclusion.