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the period a drug addict goes through following abrupt termination in the use of narcotics, usually characterized by physical and mental symptoms (withdrawal symptoms)



troop actions undertaken in order to lead units away from enemy strikes and to occupy favorable lines for defense, to conduct a counterattack, to shorten the front, or to gain time.

A withdrawal may be accompanied by a disengagement or be carried out deliberately without contact with the enemy. A withdrawal accompanied by a disengagement is carried out under the cover of specially assigned subunits, which, by actively engaging the enemy, ensure the secrecy and successful execution of the withdrawal. A withdrawal of the main forces is covered by rear guards and rear and flank march security detachments, as well as by laying ambushes, setting up obstacles, and carrying out demolition work. A withdrawal may be executed only by order of a senior commander.

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sup][4] The risk factors for AWD include prior episodes of alcohol withdrawal seizures or delirium, advanced age, comorbid conditions, detectable blood alcohol level on admission, high daily intake of alcohol, abnormal liver function, misuse of other depressant agents, and male sex.
A double-blind trial of gabapentin versus lorazepam in the treatment of alcohol withdrawal.
In our study patients, alcohol withdrawal seizures (38%) was the most common neurological complication followed by acute hallucinosis (20%).
The Prediction of Alcohol Withdrawal Severity Scale (PAWSS) can help clinicians identify those at risk for complicated alcohol withdrawal syndrome (AWS), and either prevent or treat complicated AWS in a timely manner, Dr.
CINAHL terms were nurse education and alcohol withdrawal.
Although under the limit he was suffering from alcohol withdrawal.
This study explored the prescription practices for alcohol withdrawal of medical practitioners in the Free State Province, South Africa.
He has not been well enough to speak to them since being taken to a secure hospital on Tuesday with drug and alcohol withdrawal symptoms.
Lyons contends that he was injured after he suffered a seizure related to alcohol withdrawal, which caused him to hit his head on the edge of a concrete jail bed while falling to the ground.
She was taking the alcohol withdrawal drug Librium.
Taxi driver-turned crooner Mitch Winehouse revealed that traces of an alcohol withdrawal drug were found in the chart star's body after her death in July.

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