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This is a meadow forest usually developed as a second forest strip, occasionally hygrophilous and in chain-like succession with alder tree forests, mostly of Senecioni bayonnensis-Alnetum, but also of Valeriano pyrenaicae-Alnetum beyond the reach of its optimum territory, and even with alder and poplar forests of Salici neotrichae-Populetum nigrae.
Six red alder trees were selected from an uncultivated site as representative specimens.
Having reached his island, Prof Bonnett found a mix of maple and alder trees and self-seeded shrubbery.
A prolific species, alder trees in the Pacific Northwest are said to grow easily on any open space not already taken by another species.
I'm not exactly denuding the duck marsh, and willow and alder trees love the occasional pruning.
By themselves, soybeans, peas, alder trees and others can't fix nitrogen any better than a person could.
My crazy-looking door works just fine and is hung between two alder trees.
The extension will extend over the centre's car park and a wooded area to the north, with 80 alder trees lost.
Energy supplied to the rhizosphere supports the growth of microorganisms, which in turn enables the alder trees to utilize physically limited nutrient sources in the soil.
Without going into any more detail, the loo directs liquids in the direction of reed beds where willow and alder trees help in the filtration system, the trees later becoming materials on rural skills courses at the centre, and solids to the compost bins.
This will replace one large poplar, plus birch, mountain ash, and alder trees.