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see dobsonflydobsonfly,
common name for a group of insects of the order Megaloptera, found throughout E North America. The adults may be 5 in. (12.7 cm) long; the male has mandibles half as long as the body. They are soft-bodied insects with a fluttery flight, and are largely nocturnal.
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New record of the alderfly Sialis mohri (Megaloptera: Sialidae) from Texas and Louisiana, USA.
Clubs in heat nine tomorrow are: Agilent Tech AC, Alderfly Fishers, Avonbank AC `A', Carradale AC, CIBA AC, Crown Fly Fishers, Cupar AC, Dalbeattie AA, Dunoon & District, East Kilbride AC, Newtyle & Meigle, Penicuik AC, Phoenix AC, Rothes Oak AC, SANA, Tullibole `A', Grangemouth, Albert.