alert notice

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alert notice (ALNOT)

A request originated by a flight service station (FSS) or an air route traffic control center (ARTCC) for an extensive communications search for an overdue, unreported, or missing aircraft. It is a message requesting that a communications search be expanded to all potential landing sites in the defined search area.
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Travel health alert notices (T-HANs) have been used since the 1970s by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC; Atlanta, GA, USA) as a communication tool for international travelers arriving in the United States during public health emergencies.
The NGCP lifted the red alert notice at around 4:10 p.
A red alert notice means that the projected demand exceeds available power generating capacity and there is zero contingency reserve.
The city administration of Karachi has stopped fishermen from going far in the sea while an alert notice have been issued to the related departments.
The officials gave no explanation for his detention, but said they had received a red alert notice against him.
After family members alerted the FAA the flight was overdue, an alert notice (ALNOT) for the missing airplane was issued.
Authorities have issued a red alert notice around the poultry area after bird flu deaths were confirmed.
Modi, abroad for many months and facing the Enforcement Directorate's light blue alert notice as he is required by the government agency for financerelated questions, reacted aggressively.
On the regulatory front, in May the Minnesota Office of Pipeline Safety issued an alert notice to state pipeline operators setting forth guidelines aimed at eliminating the risk of installing gas lines through sewer service laterals.
Immigration and Naturalization Service, distribution of the routine Health Alert Notice to all passengers arriving in the United States from Europe and Africa; and 3) distribution of an Ebola Virus Hemorrhagic Fever Alert Notice (EVHFN) to any travelers who have recently been in Zaire--EVHFN instructs these travelers to contact a health-care provider if they develop a febrile illness during the 3 weeks after they arrive in the United States.
The said alert notice, at times, led to rotational power outage for at least an hour.