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An early system on MIT's Whirlwind.

[CACM 2(5):16 (May 1959)].


In domain theory, a complete partial order is algebraic if every element is the least upper bound of some chain of compact elements. If the set of compact elements is countable it is called omega-algebraic.

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The research group at the Department of Mathematical Sciences of Loughborough University is young and what I hope is that the successful completion of this project will boost the status of the group and weave Loughborough into the fabric of UK Algebraic Geometry."
Several researchers (see Booth, 1988; Greeno, 1991; Kieran, 1992; Lins, 1990) suggest that many of the fundamental difficulties experienced by beginning algebra students are due to their failure to identify equivalent forms of an algebraic expression.
Therefore, the cryptographic community turns to address much concern on Boolean functions resisting fast algebraic attack, besides their algebraic immunity.
We say that a connected linear algebraic k-group G is k-split, or split over k, if its unipotent radical [R.sup.u] (G) is defined and split over k, and the reductive quotient group G/[R.sup.u] (G) is defined and split over k.
Vasantha Kandasamy and Florentin Smarandache [2-57], since 2003, and it was called Neutrosophic Algebraic Structures.
In algebra real life problems are constructed into unknown equations forms and then laws are followed for solving algebraic equations.
As singular points of an algebraic curve are the solutions of a polynomial system, most of algorithms in [10-15] solve the polynomial system either by Grobner basis method described in [16] or by resultant computation.
* In Section 2, we give a few definitions, mostly illustrating the link between context-free grammars, solutions of positive algebraic systems and N-algebraic functions.
With the fundamentals of these, the paper focuses on the research of topology choice and repairing control based on density weighted algebraic connectivity; when the vertex and links are not always constant, they can change with time.