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An early system on MIT's Whirlwind.

[CACM 2(5):16 (May 1959)].


In domain theory, a complete partial order is algebraic if every element is the least upper bound of some chain of compact elements. If the set of compact elements is countable it is called omega-algebraic.

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117) Algebraically, the new formula can be shown as
Jim, the non-visual thinker above, was initially frustrated by asking him to solve the visual-arithmetic problems geometrically; he said he had always solved problems algebraically
Property (P3) is particularly helpful to compute algebraically certain classes of factorizations.
Let k be an algebraically closed field of characteristic 0, let A be a commutative k-algebra, and let M be an A-module.
However, this paper has shown that allowing firms to price discriminate can increase welfare without even increasing quantity, by virtue of treating segmented demands as algebraically additive.
A] will be called the soldering obstruction of the algebraically N-adapted tensor field A.
These eigenvalues are all algebraically larger than - 1.
Portions of this book may be difficult to read for less quantitative medical scientists as it is most suited to the algebraically and statistically adept.
The number of guests who enter the house at ring n can be represented algebraically as 2n - 1, but students need not use such an algebraic representation to answer the three questions asked.
2], any entire curve [Mathematical Expression Omitted] is algebraically degenerate.
The plot of the noise data for the two sources under test will be 3 dB higher than the calibration plots because their noise is uncorrelated, and therefore, algebraically additive.
The initial sale price of $10,512 is related algebraically to the subsequent sale price of $13,820 by the overall growth rate for the entire fifteen-month period (.