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It also offers 360A screening and alien crosstalk immunity.
The standards specify four-pair copper cabling performance up to 500 MHz and add key performance parameters for alien crosstalk that were not characterized in previous drafts.
This design reduces the weight and diameter of Category 6A UTP cables, improving pathway capacity up to 30% for improved airflow through dense data center enclosures without compromising alien crosstalk performance.
The Z-MAX UTP system also features Siemon's new reduced-diameter category 6A UTP cable, a design that nearly equals the pathway space savings possible with the category 6A F/UTP cable utilized in the shielded Z-MAX system without sacrificing alien crosstalk performance.
Alien crosstalk can come either from sources at the same end of a transmitting link (alien NEXT), or from sources transmitting at the other end, or somewhere along the length of the link (alien FEXT).
If the cabling has a measured DB margin, then you can assume alien crosstalk is met by design.
The key to the cable's breakthrough size and performance is a specially designed Isolation Wrap that blocks noise and provides extraordinary Alien Crosstalk isolation (AXi).
The complete system yields leading edge overall channel performance in the highest density physical infrastructure environments (48 ports in a 1RU space), reliably achieving 10Gb/s performance while eliminating the time and cost of burdensome alien crosstalk testing.
2-10 requirements in both "channel" and "permanent link" configurations, including alien crosstalk, return loss, insertion loss, propagation delay, and delay skew.
More troublesome is the fact that complex and time-consuming field diagnostics are required to assess alien crosstalk in the installed cabling plant.
The RoundFlex(TM) Cable technology features an internal cross-web construction that keeps Alien Crosstalk at an exceptionally low level while attaining a smaller cable diameter.