Alkali Metal

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alkali metal

[′al·kə‚lī ‚med·əl]
Any of the elements of group I in the periodic table: lithium, sodium, potassium, rubidium, cesium, and francium.

Alkali Metal


any one of several chemical elements of the major subgroup of Group I of Mendeleev’s periodic system of the elements: lithium, sodium, potassium, rubidium, cesium, and francium. The subgroup’s name is derived from the hydroxides of the alkali metals, called caustic alkalies. The atoms of alkali metals have one s electron in their outer shell and, with the exception of lithium, two 5 electrons and six p electrons in the next to the last shell. The alkali metals always exhibit an oxidation number of +1 in their compounds. They are very reactive chemically. They are oxidized rapidly by atmospheric oxygen and react vigorously with water to form alkalies, MeOH (where Me is a metal). Their reactivity increases from lithium to francium. (See alsoLITHIUM; SODIUM; POTASSIUM; RUBIDIUM; CESIUM; and FRANCIUM.)

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A known volume of alkali metal bromide solutions were introduced in to the viscometer by placing it in the thermostatic water bath having a constant circulation of water.
The anode may be an alkali metal such as a lithium compound or alloy.
Numerous computational studies [22-43] have been carried out to study the structure and energetics of interactions between alkali metal cations and different Lewis bases.
In the same table percentages of alkali metal related to total alkali metal content in the minerals (Alk wt.
Louis, MO-based life science and high technology company Sigma-Aldrich and New York, NY-based early advanced materials company SiGNa Chemistry recently announced that Sigma-Aldrich will distribute SiGNa's new technology for the controlled use of alkali metals, which has applications in such areas as hydrogen energy production for micro fuel cells.
The alkali metal compounds which were subjected to deeper changes during combustion of the fuel, were also more water-soluble.
This was appended to an ultrahigh vacuum system that has capabilities for in situ growth of overlayers on clean surfaces and exposure to alkali metal or other sources.
The method of preparing the modified conjugated diene-based polymer includes (a) polymerizing a vinyl aromatic monomer and a conjugated diene monomer using an organo-alkali metal compound in the presence of a hydrocarbon solvent, thus forming an active polymer having an alkali metal end; and (b) coupling or linking the active polymer having the alkali metal end with a compound represented by chemical formula 1 or 2.
719 A ) in which the number n of conjugated benzenoid rings is from 1 to 3, and bond lengths of C-M (M=Li, Na and K) become larger same alkali metal atom.
It is comprised of perfume; at least one nonionic surfactant; at least one alkyl benzene sulfonate; at least one olefin sulfonate; and at least one inorganic alkali metal salt or alkaline earth metal salt.
This bio scrubber technology is designed to remove alkali metal from fuel in efforts to protect gas turbines from high temperature corrosion and also supports fuel cost reduction efforts.
OTCBB: SHPR) said it has bought the technology rights for a desalination "bio scrubber" designed to remove alkali metal from fuel in efforts to protect gas turbines from high temperature corrosion.