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A chemical indicator made from the root of Alkanna tinctoria.
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(Alkanna), a genus of perennial, mostly rough-haired herbs of the Boraginaceae family. The blossoms are in spiral racemes. There are 40 species, found primarily in the Mediterranean area, Syria, Iraq, and Iran. The roots of the Alkanna tinctoria contain a brown-violet dyeing substance that reacts with alkalies and ammonia. The alcoholic extract from alkanet roots is used in microscopic doses as a reagent with oils and fats; it is also sometimes used to color wines, food products, wool, and silk.

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Getting back to Al Linden, if you want to fill the pores with varnish, then as soon as the wood looks nearly as dark as you want it from hot linseed oil and/or alkanet root oil, apply a coat of best-quality spar varnish.
I applied two coats of Purdey's alkanet root oil and four of linseed oil to the Westley.
As a side note, I mention in the article about alkanet being a red oil The reason is because alkanet in its pure state is red but if it's mixed with linseed oil it is actually purple.
Cationization of cotton with quaternary ammonium compound (both pre-treatment and post-treatment) and post-finishing with soft polyurethane emulsion has enhanced the fastness properties, tensile strength as well as relative colour strength (K/S) , whereas, reactive UV absorber based on oxalanilide and heterocyclic compound as UV absorber greatly increased the light fastness of alkanet dyed cotton.
Anchusa, the alkanet, is not widely grown in the north of England because of its preference for drier soils, particularly in winter.
More searching about alkanet led down the herbal highway.
The company is the prominent manufacturer exporter and supplier of Afghan Dry Fruits such as Pine Nuts Kernal Pine Nuts Inshell Raw as well as Roasted Pistachio Mazari Kernel (Peshawri) Dry Figs Green Raisins Yellow Raisins Alkanet Roots Licorice Roots (Malethi) Afghan Almonds and many more.
White dead nettle, green alkanet and even star of Bethlehem are now blooming, but I could only find one cuckoo flower in flower on Sunday.
I also use an old-fashioned ointment made from alkanet root and elderflower that is a wonderful red colour and a great preventative lip balm, as well as serving as a treatment.
Green alkanet, white dead nettle, vetches and crucifers are blooming away too in many locations now that the weather is warming up.
Gary found green alkanet, round leaved speedwell, red dead-nettle, bluebell and ivy-leaved speedwell all in bloom last month.
Compared with the reaction temperature, the change of liquid yield, H2O content, the total content of the alkanets and alkenes and coke rate is not large increase, which shows that H2 velocity is a secondary factor in producing bio-fuels.