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It's all right, dear, and a very pretty idea, quite sensible too, for no one can ever mistake now.
Your financial affairs are all right, Tom," said Ned.
Not all rights are on an equal footing, because not all rights are of the same kind.
Once a person or group acquires beneficial ownership of 15 percent or more of the outstanding common stock, then, unless the rights are redeemed by Kintera, the rights become exercisable by all rights holders except the acquiring person or group or certain related parties.
It had human rights police to ensure that all rights were enforced and no wrongs tolerated.
001 per each Right and Second Right, the Rights and Second Rights will become exercisable by all rights holders, except the acquiring person or group, for shares of ECHO or shares of the third party acquirer having a value of eight times the Rights' and Second Rights' then-current exercise price.