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in music, a perpetual canoncanon,
in music, a type of counterpoint employing the strictest form of imitation. All the voices of a canon have the same melody, beginning at different times. Successive entrances may be at the same or at different pitches.
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 on a tune that returns to its beginning in which all the voices enter at the unison or the octave. An example is Sumer Is Icumen InSumer Is Icumen In
[M.E.,=summer has (literally: is) come in], an English rota or round composed c.1250. It is the earliest extant example of canon, of six part music, and of ground bass. Four tenor voices are in canon and two bass voices sing the pes, or ground, also in canon.
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. Rounds were popular in 17th-century England when the catch reached its height. The catch was originally just a simple round, e.g., Three Blind Mice, written in a single line with the effect gained by having another singer come in ("make the catch") at the right time. Later, comic effects, often quite bawdy, were added, using the interweaving of the parts. The Rounds, Catches and Canons of England (1864) by E. F. Rimbault is a comprehensive collection. The term round was also used to designate a dance performed in a circle and, by extension, to the tunes for such dances.
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A series of shots fired either simultaneously or with delay periods between them.
To pass and alter direction of travel, as a vessel rounds a cape.
A single munition, missile, or device to be loaded on or in a delivery platform, vehicle, or device for purposes of expenditure; the configuration of the round may vary.
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1. A wood plane for cutting grooves.
3. A cylindrical metal rod.

round molding, round

A fairly large molding, the section of which is circular (or nearly circular) and convex.
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1. Maths
a. forming or expressed by an integer or whole number, with no fraction
b. expressed to the nearest ten, hundred, or thousand
2. in the round Theatre with the audience all round the stage
3. a playing of all the holes on a golf course
4. Archery a specified number of arrows shot from a specified distance
5. Music a part song in which the voices follow each other at equal intervals at the same pitch
6. a sequence of bells rung in order of treble to tenor
7. a dance in which the dancers move in a circle
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To eliminate rightmost digits in a number when absolute precision is not required or used. One of the most common uses of rounding is with dollar amounts, which can result in more than two decimal places after a division. Following are four of many rounding methods:

  Round Half Up    3.455 -> 3.46
                   3.454 -> 3.45

  Round Half Down  3.455 -> 3.45
                   3.456 -> 3.46

  Round Up         3.456 -> 3.46
                   3.453 -> 3.46

  Round Down       3.458 -> 3.45
                   3.453 -> 3.45

Rounding and a Lot More
For more ways to round numbers than you can imagine, as well as to learn how computers perform mathematical functions at the circuit level, read the entertaining and informative book, "How Computers Do Math" by Clive "Max" Maxfield and Alvin Brown. (John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 2005).
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In November, 2016, Gunaratne attached to the 6 Field Regiment- Sri Lanka Artillery of the Army was promoted to the rank of Sergeant following his all-round performances in Zimbabwe and Test Cricket.
"A lot of the youngsters coming through are very good in the balls but not as good tactically - and that's where your all-round game and experience comes in."
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The local girl, who gave the hosts a flying start by winning a bronze medal on the first day of the championship on Monday in the All-Round final, continued with an impressive show by clinching a silver medal in the apparatus ball event and then followed it up by claiming a bronze in the apparatus hoop.
RAVI Bopara is fit and ready to play a greater all-round role for England in the upcoming one-day internationals against Australia and Ireland.

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