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in music, a perpetual canoncanon,
in music, a type of counterpoint employing the strictest form of imitation. All the voices of a canon have the same melody, beginning at different times. Successive entrances may be at the same or at different pitches.
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 on a tune that returns to its beginning in which all the voices enter at the unison or the octave. An example is Sumer Is Icumen InSumer Is Icumen In
[M.E.,=summer has (literally: is) come in], an English rota or round composed c.1250. It is the earliest extant example of canon, of six part music, and of ground bass. Four tenor voices are in canon and two bass voices sing the pes, or ground, also in canon.
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. Rounds were popular in 17th-century England when the catch reached its height. The catch was originally just a simple round, e.g., Three Blind Mice, written in a single line with the effect gained by having another singer come in ("make the catch") at the right time. Later, comic effects, often quite bawdy, were added, using the interweaving of the parts. The Rounds, Catches and Canons of England (1864) by E. F. Rimbault is a comprehensive collection. The term round was also used to designate a dance performed in a circle and, by extension, to the tunes for such dances.


A series of shots fired either simultaneously or with delay periods between them.
To pass and alter direction of travel, as a vessel rounds a cape.
A single munition, missile, or device to be loaded on or in a delivery platform, vehicle, or device for purposes of expenditure; the configuration of the round may vary.


1. A wood plane for cutting grooves.
3. A cylindrical metal rod.

round molding, round

A fairly large molding, the section of which is circular (or nearly circular) and convex.


1. Maths
a. forming or expressed by an integer or whole number, with no fraction
b. expressed to the nearest ten, hundred, or thousand
2. in the round Theatre with the audience all round the stage
3. a playing of all the holes on a golf course
4. Archery a specified number of arrows shot from a specified distance
5. Music a part song in which the voices follow each other at equal intervals at the same pitch
6. a sequence of bells rung in order of treble to tenor
7. a dance in which the dancers move in a circle


To eliminate rightmost digits in a number when absolute precision is not required or used. One of the most common uses of rounding is with dollar amounts, which can result in more than two decimal places after a division. Following are four of many rounding methods:

  Round Half Up    3.455 -> 3.46
                   3.454 -> 3.45

  Round Half Down  3.455 -> 3.45
                   3.456 -> 3.46

  Round Up         3.456 -> 3.46
                   3.453 -> 3.46

  Round Down       3.458 -> 3.45
                   3.453 -> 3.45

Rounding and a Lot More
For more ways to round numbers than you can imagine, as well as to learn how computers perform mathematical functions at the circuit level, read the entertaining and informative book, "How Computers Do Math" by Clive "Max" Maxfield and Alvin Brown. (John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 2005, ISBN 0-471-73278-8).
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The all-round development of the region has been throwing up multiple challenges; Wilo, which is fully committed to its responsibilities towards the community, has been joining hands to highlight the challenge of saving water effectively" said Dr Amer Mokbel , director for Sales, Gulf.
fwaguy A GOOD all-round performance and in particular the three forwards - guts and determination to win - credit to the BBC: Bellamy, Bothroyd and Chopra.
But Morrell, who admitted he had dreamed of a goal-scoring return, insisted it was an excellent all-round team display to which he was simply delighted to have made a contribution.
The forum aims to promote all-round economic cooperation between China and
Olives Et Al is launching its own Extra Virgin Olive Oil after requests from its customers to add an all-round, versatile and great value oil to the Olives Et Al product range.
GUISBOROUGH Bookshop has been shortlisted in the North and Scotland section of the Independent Bookseller of the Year Award to find the best all-round independent bookshop in Britain.
The new feature means that the HMI devices, which offer all-round IP65 protection, can now be equipped for plant-specific operator control and monitoring tasks, for example, with pushbuttons, lamps, switches, USB ports, or emergency stop buttons.
New Zealand relied heavily on the all-round talents of Jacob Oram to dig them out of trouble and claim a series-levelling 75-run win against Bangladesh on Saturday.
said Tuesday it has developed what it terms an all-round collision-free prototype vehicle by adding two newly developed technologies to two others already available.
Streiff brings 26 years of all-round top management experience with Saint-Gobain, a diversified multinational company.
Siemens I&S said early completions of the electrical equipment is an unusual achievement, and that they were successful due to the use of Sipaper, an all-round modular concept from Siemens.
I'm slowly crafting my theories to create this all-round dancer.

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