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A broad walk, planted with trees on either side, usually at least twice as high as the width of the walk.
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As he was passing the Allee des Veuves, he thought he saw the count's horses standing at Gosset's shooting-gallery; he approached, and soon recognized the coachman.
And so that side of the frame in which that woman appeared to one down the perspective of the great Allee was not permanent.
Bime by, allee same dlown, velly quick, you no bail now.
Hunter of grisettes, smoker, jester, diner-out and frequenter of supper-parties, always tuned to the highest pitch, shining equally in the greenroom and at the balls given among the grisettes of the Allee des Veuves, he was just as surprisingly entertaining at table as at a picnic, as gay and lively at midnight on the streets as in the morning when he jumped out of bed, and yet at heart gloomy and melancholy, like most of the great comic players.
Focused on combining art within everyday life, Allee des Arts gets its name from the pedestrian alley of art galleries and boutiques which will exist on the ground floor with residential and business space above.
Cette Allee monumentale est tres celebre pour les touristes.
Normally a sound jumper, ALLEE GARDE is bidding to bounce back from a fall, at the 12th, in the National Hunt Chase, won by Teaforthree, at Cheltenham.
EuroHypo AG financed the construction loan for Schonhauser Allee 55.
Event attendees will experience a fascinating visual counterpoint to Pacifica Radio Archive's Black History Preservation and Access project through Allee Willis' extraordinary assemblage of 20th century African American artifacts and pop culture memorabilia.
We have a desire to be the premier handling facility of cargoes destined for Cuba," Allee said in comments picked up by Reuters.
The book is geographically at its broadest in chapters 3 (reviewing types and classifications of megalithic tombs) and 4 (reviewing their origins and development); it drifts steadily towards a north French focus in chapters 5, 6, 7 and still more so in chapters 8 & 9 which are almost exclusively devoted to allees sepulcrales and analogous monuments in northeast France and northern Germany.