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Nardini warns that, like alleluias, offertories are problematic for chant scholars, in large part because of the musical complexity and variability inherent in the genre; neo-Gregorian offertories are no exception.
As I listened, unaware of their words' meaning, suddenly Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia rose .
Always, in every faith and language, on this side of heaven there is an alleluia.
As Hiley does with alleluia cycles in his essay, Huglo assesses the series of alleluias for the summer Sundays and the selection of responsories for the Divine Office that were sung polyphonically at Winchester.
Hiley's study is really a state of research on Continental as well as insular Alleluia series (he identifies four closely related series, probably brought over in Aethelwold's time), with an introduction i on the utility of the lists.
Ein spezielles Merkmal des aquitanisch notierten Fragmentes ist eine Gruppe von drei notierten 'Alleluias' fur den Ostermontag.
Our personal alleluias can and certainly should resound.
Hear the Alleluias in this psalm during the season of Easter.
"Alleluias" must drown out "Hosannas" and "Crucifies!"
Alleluias frame the hymn at beginning and close, thus making it particularly appropriate for use in the Easter season when the Alleluias return to the liturgy, accompanying and greeting the announcement that "Christ has risen!"
They call us to consecrate the calendar: with Advent wreaths and blessing cups, Mardi Gras and Easter alleluias.