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(hăl'əlo͞o`yə) or


(ăl–) [Heb.,=praise the Lord], joyful expression used in Hebrew worship; cf. Pss. 104–6, 111–13, 115–17, 135, 146–50. Christian liturgies make wide use of it, particularly at Easter time. The Hallelujah Chorus is the brilliant concluding piece of Part II of Handel's Messiah.


, halleluiah, alleluia
a musical composition that uses the word Hallelujah as its text
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As I listened, unaware of their words' meaning, suddenly Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia rose .
Always, in every faith and language, on this side of heaven there is an alleluia.
L'une des particularites du fragment reside dans son groupe de trois Alleluia pour le Lundi de Paques.
Dicat nunc israhel, as well as three notated alleluia chants.
Our personal alleluias can and certainly should resound.
Even the 'Kings of the Earth' lament, marked molto espressivo (and sung and played most sensitively) lacks detail, while the concluding Alleluias that power the work to such a rip-roaring conclusion, and which Daniel takes at an electrifying pace, sound almost bottled-up.
Alleluias frame the hymn at beginning and close, thus making it particularly appropriate for use in the Easter season when the Alleluias return to the liturgy, accompanying and greeting the announcement that "Christ has risen
They call us to consecrate the calendar: with Advent wreaths and blessing cups, Mardi Gras and Easter alleluias.