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1 City (2010 pop. 8,491), seat of Box Butte co., NW Nebr., in the High Plains; founded 1887 as Grand Lake, renamed and inc. 1888. Located in a farming and ranching region, it is a shipping center for agricultural products. Carhenge, consisting of 38 vintage automobiles painted gray and arranged in a circle to resemble StonehengeStonehenge
, group of standing stones on Salisbury Plain, Wiltshire, S England. Preeminent among megalithic monuments in the British Isles, it is similar to an older and larger monument at Avebury, some 20 mi (30 km) away.
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, is just N of the city. Constructed (1987) by Jim Reinders, it is popular tourist attraction.

2 City (2010 pop. 22,322), Mahoning and Stark cos., NE Ohio, on the Mahoning River, in a farm area; inc. 1854. It is an industrial, distribution, and rail center, with manufactures of steel, heavy machinery, electric tubing, chinaware, and industrial equipment. It is the seat of the Univ. of Mount Union, where Clarke Observatory is located.

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A group of related families ranking between an order and a class.
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Botany a taxonomic category consisting of a group of related families; subclass
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A complete set of CAD tools for teaching Digital CMOS VLSI Design in Universities. It includes a VHDL compiler and simulator, logic synthesis tools, and automatic place and route tools. ALLIANCE is the result of a ten years effort at University Pierre et Marie Curie (PARIS VI, France).

It runs on Sun-4, not well supported: MIPS/Ultrix, 386/SystemV.

Latest version: 1.1, as of 1993-02-16.
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"We gather that you are opposed to a renewal of our alliance chiefly for two reasons,--first, that you have formed an unfavorable opinion of our resources and capacity as a nation; and secondly, because you are seeking an ally who would be of service to you in one particular eventuality, namely, a war with the United States.
Plaintiff, The Alliance Francaise de Kotte impugned the Defendants are misleading the general public that they are the authorized entity to carry out the commercial activities using the trade mark "Alliance Francaise" and the logo of the Foundation of Alliance Francaise of Paris
In Galapagos' alliance with GlaxoSmithKline (LON: GSK) in the area of infectious diseases, Galapagos received a EUR1m milestone payment.
An alliance may be defined as a association among two or more parties which involves a sharing of resources and co-ordination among parties to achieve common objectives.
He noted that the Al-Iraqiya Alliance has plan-B, as it also has negotiations with the Iraqi National Alliance (INA).
There are several important reasons to establish a research alliance, the primary one being a way to network with others interested in research and EBP.
Greek carrier Aegean Airlines is to join Star Alliance, with the process expected to take around 12 months.
In late December, The Interfaith Alliance filed a friend-of-the-court brief supporting the school district.
The Alliance report describes highly progressive measures involving education and youth.
Founded by a small group of University of Colorado students in 2002, Conscious Alliance offers fans an official event poster in exchange for 10 or more non-perishable food items.
* Termination (or other discipline) of member firms or their professionals for failure to adhere to alliance standards.
Both are at mid-level management positions and possess the responsibility and authority to make and execute decisions to improve the alliance. The group includes operational and functional members from the government and the supplier's organization who are directly involved in the day-to-day functions of the alliance (such as the post award administrator of each contract and technical specialists), or who provide support (such as a pricing analyst or systems expert).