alligator pear

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alligator pear:

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, tropical American broad-leaved evergreen tree of the genus Persea of the family Lauraceae (laurel family). The fruit, called avocado, alligator pear, or, in Spanish, aguacate, has a high oil content. It is eaten fresh, chiefly in salads and guacamole.
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Avocado: Also known as an alligator pear, avocados are a good source of monounsaturated fats, which help to lower cholesterol.
All 10 alligator pear victims were "educated professionals, yet unaware of safe methods of de-stoning an avocado," according to researchers who presented their findings at the summer meeting of the British Association of Plastic Surgeons.
Artfully at Rest: These beautiful sculpted stools from artist Dan Pollock bring the natural splendors of Alligator Pear and Golden Cedar to a new level of sophistication.