alligator pear

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alligator pear:

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, tropical American broad-leaved evergreen tree of the genus Persea of the family Lauraceae (laurel family). The fruit, called avocado, alligator pear, or, in Spanish, aguacate, has a high oil content. It is eaten fresh, chiefly in salads and guacamole.
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Identifiable by its thin, tough, green rind and somewhat watery flesh, the alligator pear was cultivated in the United States as far back as 1766, when it reportedly thrived in St.
Which fruit, also called the alligator pear, takes its name from a native word for testicle?
Seeing that fastidious consumption of the so-called alligator pear brought up memories of a summer spent in the avocado groves of Temecula almost 20 years ago.