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A congenital skin disease characterized by dryness and scales, especially on the extensor surfaces of the extremities.



fish skin disease, xeroderma, a skin disease characterized by sharply increased keratogenesis and retarded keratolysis.

Incidence of ichthyosis is a familial condition in half the cases and hereditary in 25 percent. It appears in early childhood (most often around age three), intensifies at puberty, and lasts throughout life. It is expressed in dryness of the skin and the accumulation of horny masses on the skin’s surface, in the form of scales or of massive horny plates that resemble fish scales. The excretion of oil and perspiration decreases sharply. The affection spreads over the entire skin surface, except at joint folds, axillae, and inguinal folds. On the face and scalp, ichthyosis appears in the form of furfuraceous desquamation. The condition of the skin improves in the summertime as a result of increased excretion of oil and sweat. Ichthyosis is treated with hot baths containing soda or table salt, followed by lubrication of the skin with emollient creams. Cod-liver oil and vitamins may be taken internally (in particular vitamin A). In the summer, prolonged sojourns in the south can be helpful (sea bathing).


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To capitalize on the popularity of alligator skins in fashion, the team of surveyors is visiting designers and manufacturers, both domestically and internationally, and studying the possibility of a media campaign aimed at upscale customers.
We will be launching our third handcrafted collection on Nokia 8800 with alligator skin and gold plated in the middle of September.
A few years ago his four children encouraged him to set up a leather shop, and the Brooks family began stocking Paul's leather workroom with work benches, tools, dyes, beautiful pieces of leather, and even alligator skins that his son Levi caught in the swampy marshes of Melbourne and Palm Bay, Florida.
Users who expect luxurious standard can be pleased to hear that the Swiss watchmakers crafted a high end phone made of 18 carat gold packaged with accented diamonds and wrapped with your choice of calfskin, alligator skin, or carbon leather.
The strap is typically made in calfskin or alligator skin, with cord seaming, secured to the aluminium box through four screws in polished titanium that secure the watch, making it water tight up to a pressure of 5 atmospheres.
The Hermes Birkin is a diamond-encrusted metallic alligator skin clutch favoured by Hollywood A-listers.
They also discovered an alligator skin bag full of documents including a woman's landing card and insurance document, still readable.
Their top design is an pounds 18,000 pair of alligator skin slippers - boasting white gold buckles studded with 36 diamonds - which experts dubbed the world's priciest shoes.
A new undercover expose by animal rights campaign group PETA reveals the horrors that lurk in the farms that supply crocodile and alligator skins to Hermesowned tanneries.
Koh uses the finest crocodile and alligator skins in his designs; his knowledge of these materials has been handed down through four generations.
In Alligator, Mississippi, early settlers used alligator skins to cover and protect farming equipment.