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On drawings, abbr. for allowance.
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During the last fishing season, Japanese boats brought in only half the amount of allowable catch.
However, optimum geometry for allowable, uniform stress may not be acceptable geometry for castability.
With the publication of these IRM sections on allowable expenses, the Society feels that the Service has taken steps to reduce the authority of agents reviewing offers in compromise, rather than empower them as has been suggested.
ASQs were calculated in forest plans as the maximum allowable timber harvest within the constraints imposed by other resource values and the need for sustainability.
At each stage, the allowable traffic consists of three components: the traffic first offered to this group; the overflow from the allowable traffic of the previous stage if it is allowable at the present stage; and the portion of the non-allowable traffic of the other previous stages that becomes allowable for the present stage.
Right to enter into a contract to perform work on the creation of programs for electronic computers calculate the maximum allowable under the terms of flows to ensure dynamic stability in real time taking into account the actions of emergency control
This article is an overview of the effect of reduced tax rates on capital gains and/or qualified dividends on the maximum allowable foreign tax credit (FTC) for individuals.
Environmental Protection Agency order, the state Department of Health Services in 2002 reduced the maximum allowable level of trihalomethanes to 80 parts per billion, based on an running annual average from quarterly sampling.
In appraisal and valuation services, the SEC explanation says it does not consider purchase price allocations (required under IRC section 1060 for tax purposes) to be an allowable exception.
Section 6621(d) of the Internal Revenue Code now provides that "[t]o the extent that, for any period, interest is payable under subchapter A and allowable under subchapter B on equivalent underpayments and overpayments by the same taxpayer of tax imposed by this title, the net rate of interest under this section on such amounts shall be zero for such period.
CLIA's maximum allowable error specifications for proficiency testing (the so-called CLIA limits) are being used by manufacturers to help set analytical performance goals for new laboratory analyzers.
5 and the allowable for the material is 45 ksi yield strength, the maximum design property would be only 30 ksi.