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On drawings, abbr. for allowance.
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The right of a lively mind, Fanny, seizing whatever may contribute to its own amusement or that of others; perfectly allowable, when untinctured by ill-humour or roughness; and there is not a shadow of either in the countenance or manner of Miss Crawford: nothing sharp, or loud, or coarse.
At sixteen, Miss Murray was something of a romp, yet not more so than is natural and allowable for a girl of that age, but at seventeen, that propensity, like all other things, began to give way to the ruling passion, and soon was swallowed up in the all-absorbing ambition to attract and dazzle the other sex.
The Energy Regulatory Commission's (ERC) decision to lower the cap on the allowable rate of system losses that can be passed on to consumers will reduce electricity bills, Sen.
We characterized provider payments as allowable charges, which is the sum of what Medicare pays providers directly plus the deductible and copayments for which patients are responsible.
The 2014 version of Form 8582-CR, Passive Activity Credit Limitations, has 16 pages of instructions and nine worksheets to determine the allowable passive activity credit.
The current annual investment allowance is PS500,000 so the first PS500,000 you spend on certain plant and machinery in any accounting period will be 100 per cent allowable for tax purposes.
85 m, effective BegasungslEnnge 750 mm, outer diameter 70 mm, inner diameter 40 mm ceramic material from glass-bonded aluminum silicate, burned genuine ceramic / chamotte or higher, allowable average pore size of 80-110 mu, allowable pressure loss at 8 mA iN / h / m ventilation less than / equal to 28 mbar, resistant to hot and cold acids and alkalis up to pH 9 and gases up to 900 deg.
A self-employed individual must complete and attach the complicated Form 8829, Expenses for Business Use of Your Home, and include the allowable home office deduction on Schedule C of Form 1040, U.
TIB expands list of allowable revisions to approved labels
I am assuming that you are referring to expenses allowable for tax purposes, which have been deducted in the Statement of Comprehensive Income, but are not deductible for tax purposes.
Two Democratic House members are calling for the Food and Drug Administration to set standards for the maximum allowable levels of dangerous heavy metals, including arsenic, in foods and beverages.
Rental profits arise where income exceeds allowable expenses incurred in the year.