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On drawings, abbr. for allowance.
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She had felt unwilling to mention her suspicions to Miss Garth, until those suspicions had been confirmed -- and she now recoiled, with even greater reluctance, from allowing her daughters to be in any way alarmed about her.
If you persist, however, in considering yourself still the confidential servant of a felon who is now flying for his life, and if you decline allowing the young lady to act as she wishes, I will not be so rude as to hint that--as she is of age--she may walk out of this house with me, whenever she likes, without your having the power to prevent her; but, I will politely ask instead, what you would propose to do with her, in the straitened position as to money in which she and you are likely to be placed?
Why didn't you enchant them all at once, instead of allowing them to go one by one into the palace and guess which ornaments are the Queen of Ev and her children?
So she retraced her steps until she found the entrance to the palace, and as she approached, the massive doors of rock opened of their own accord, allowing both Dorothy and Evring to pass the portals and enter the throne room.
Usability Enhancements - Includes wider screen sizes allowing more information to be viewed and edited at once, faster pop-up calendars, simplified navigation, and improved screen layouts.
We want to offer some possibility, but the idea of allowing 40 dogs is excessive.
Among issues discussed in Part IV of the report are modifying the limits, requirements and dollar amounts for annual exclusion gifts; allowing a surviving spouse a "portable" applicable exclusion amount; and establishing valuation guidelines, safe harbors and other law changes to reduce valuation uncertainty and the controversy it produces.
OneNote 2003 provides business users the flexibility of a traditional paper notebook while allowing them to easily capture, organize, share and use their notes more effectively.
This single view will be possible because WebSphere eliminates the limitations of existing legacy systems, allowing the company to tap into the valuable information stored there, even if it's stored on a decades-old system that was written in an outdated computer language.
Online data storage is an ideal backup solution for frequent travelers and telecommuters, allowing them to back up critical data on the road.
To that point, I had assumed that the role of trip leader was solely that of a guide - showing the clients pretty scenery, solving their problems, waiting on them, and simply allowing all to have a good time while I made the decisions.