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On drawings, abbr. for allowance.
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Maureen Kenton, with her 15-year-old Norwegian elkhound Josie, has been pushing for a law allowing the breeding of animals in residential neighborhoods.
Employees who work in a home or remote office can access the content, allowing them to complete research or reuse content that was created previously by someone else in the organization.
This version of Timbuktu software offers remote control operations allowing teachers and students to share screens, display work, transfer project files and communicate instantly, in both classroom and lab settings.
Online data storage is an ideal backup solution for frequent travelers and telecommuters, allowing them to back up critical data on the road.
Photopolymer plates are also much thinner, allowing better ink transfer.
True CDP refers to the real-time capture of each block- or file-level write operation, allowing users to roll back to any point in time to recover information.
USC starter Brian Bannister only lasted one inning after allowing two runs, but freshman Anthony Encinas pitched solid five innings of relief, allowing one run and three hits while earning his fifth win of the season.
SonicFire Pro picks up where Smartsound for Multimedia leaves off by allowing you to automatically score a digital video.
The server acts like a central file cabinet, allowing employees to create documents and file them.
Allowing the executor to pay some tax on the first estate to reduce taxes on the second can be a valuable planning tool.
As a result, users are able to easily zoom in and out along different data paths to pinpoint specific query results, allowing context to drive action-oriented information.
In order for the Birmingham High of Van Nuys baseball team to be the champion of its own tournament, it not only had to win Tuesday night but had to do so without allowing more than one run.