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On drawings, abbr. for allowance.
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Allowing the student to gently bobble his own head, moving from high up in the head, he can readily find his own "sweet spot"--the point where the head is in dynamic balance and creates no extra drag on the muscles.
Secondary institutions, universities, communities and the private sector also recognized the advantage of being able to practice and play in inclement weather, providing real value and allowing greater participation.
* Allowing taxpayers to treat foreign taxes paid or accrued on amounts not constituting income for U.S.
Among its features is a wireless browser allowing you to watch MTV cartoons and programs from NBC.
The proliferation of broadband has also helped push the trend, allowing senders and receivers to stream rich media right to the desktop with fewer snags.
"Some pre-WiMAX solutions and towers were set up for Internet connectivity around the area, allowing insurers and others to conduct business via the Internet and voiceover-IP phone calls," Hersh said.
- Usability Enhancements - Includes wider screen sizes allowing more information to be viewed and edited at once, faster pop-up calendars, simplified navigation, and improved screen layouts.
The LRAS3 is a digital system, allowing it to export targeting information to the Army Battle Command System (ABCS).
More specifically, NCQ increases performance and disc drive life by allowing the drive to internally optimize the execution order of workloads or commands.
These materials are made from a polymer film and feature a pressure-sensitive adhesive, allowing them to be applied to the tooling area requiring the most wear protection and core-release properties.
Conforming to international standards for metadata, data harvesting, and Web technology makes SPT and CWIS useful for and usable by a wide variety of projects and organizations, allowing and encouraging collaboration and record sharing among projects.
Their specifications are making this usage less restrictive by allowing the inclusion of asphalt material.