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On drawings, abbr. for allowance.
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Her Elluminate site license allows for 150 users online at the same time, which gives the program room to grow.
Current law allows for judicial discretion as to who pays attorney fees, costs and expenses.
showcased its new Buhl DOS metal feeding furnace, which allows for the direct transfer of molten metal to the shot sleeve in diecasting applications.
This allows for all types of auto policy transactions and streamlines the communication process between IMT and the agent.
A three-axis stacker allows for accurate positioning of the driven pinch rolls which controls the strip at all times.
1031 allows for non-recognition of gain when property held for investment or trade or business use is exchanged for like-kind property.
The developer, (even though there were no definitive construction plans for the site) applied for C6-4 zoning, which allows for high-density commercial and residential and allows mixed-use development.
The computer base allows for random, yet consistent, testing of materials presented to all trainees during their entry-level training.
* An automatic document feeder allows for unattended transmission of multiplepage documents.
The robot base, which allows for 360 [degrees] rotation, is configured for either floor or overhead mounting.
The California practitioner may be bound to a date earlier than the PCAOB allows for computing the documentation completion period.