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alure, allure, alur

alure A
A gallery or passage, as along the parapets of a castle, around the roof of a church, or along a cloister.
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However, sections that would criminalize forced conversion, conversion by deceit, or conversion by allurement were generally upheld.
Since what constitutes forced conversions or allurement is not specified, human rights groups, Christian religious leaders, and Dalits have expressed concern that authorities will use these laws selectively in the future to shut down educational, medical, and other social services provided by Christian groups to Dalits and "tribals" (members of indigenous groups historically outside the caste system).
Organizers say they did so to protest a law that penalizes anyone who converts a dalit, tribal, woman or child through force or allurement.
Each time Egerton has commendably taken a deep breath and turned his back on allurement.
It is true that celibacy can serve as a candle of allurement to a moth who has unresolved sexual issues.
Gr3: Dolpour, Baylis, Adam Smith, Runyon, Sonus, Spring, Dancing Bloom, Kirov Premiere, Scribe, Hawker's News, Tamure, Camporese, Royal Court, Allurement, Ashley Park, Legend Maker, New Frontier, Palme d'Or, Solo Mio, Yalaietanee, Festival Hall.
In some cases bright students, too are stolen by rival institutes by offering financial allurement in the form of scholarships and even cash, he added.
Again, as Brian Swimme points out, the primary energy of the universe is attraction or allurement.
These women are drawn by the air- conditioned work environment ( they are happy to do overtime because of this allurement, Garcha assured me), the creche for their children, and pick- up and drop facilities.
Wherever there is allurement, wherever there is attraction, there is God.
Starting on Friday the Loukia and Michael Zampelas Art Museum in Nicosia will showcase the group exhibition Engagement AND Entrapment, a contemporary art exhibition investigating enticement, allurement and attention.
Ansar Burney said that the local agent recruited all such crew members to work on the Makkah Madina Lome Ships with the promise and allurement of big and pleasant dreams of handsome income which are proved to wrong and the crew members are compelled to live and work under compulsive and suffering circumstances like Modern Day Slavery.