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alure, allure, alur

alure A
A gallery or passage, as along the parapets of a castle, around the roof of a church, or along a cloister.
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But the unhappy affair had taught him one thing for certain: to know without question what love was, and that the memory of Bertrade de Montfort's lips would always be more to him than all the allurements possessed by the balance of the women of the world, no matter how charming, or how beautiful.
Her sea-blue eyes were full of soft laughter and allurement.
I, as I undertook, and with the vote Consenting in full frequence was impowered, Have found him, viewed him, tasted him; but find Far other labour to be undergone Than when I dealt with Adam, first of men, Though Adam by his wife's allurement fell, However to this Man inferior far-- If he be Man by mother's side, at least With more than human gifts from Heaven adorned, Perfections absolute, graces divine, And amplitude of mind to greatest deeds.
The shareholders are led on by the allurement of an enormous bounty, for they value these rich shipwrecks at five hundred millions.
If, on the other side, it was not she--which was still quite possible--for the little light that remained rendered a mistake easy--might it not be the commencement of some plot against him through the allurement of this woman, for whom his love was known?
Felicity was too beautiful for words; and even the Story Girl, between excitement and the crimson silk array, blossomed out with a charm and allurement more potent than any regular loveliness-- and this in spite of the fact that Aunt Olivia had tabooed the red satin slippers and mercilessly decreed that stout shoes should be worn.
Hindutvavadis always blame Christian missionaries for offering allurements to poor and proselytize them.
my MLAs refused all allurements and told me who came with huge offers to them," he said without naming any party or individual.
He was caught offering allurements to his own party MLAs.
Parrikar had said talking to the Times of India "Many terrorists are drawn into terrorism because of financial allurements.
One day he was heard hurling choicest of abuses on his detractors in a sting operation and now faces the charge of trying to defame rival Bharatiya Janata Party by getting calls made to his own party lawmakers on the name of senior BJP leaders offering allurements to switch sides when BJP briefly mulled the option of forming a government in Delhi before agreeing for fresh polls.
That is one of the biggest allurements for his partially experimental clients from around the world.