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alure, allure, alur

alure A
A gallery or passage, as along the parapets of a castle, around the roof of a church, or along a cloister.
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She is the sixth foal out of the Listed-placed sprinter Alluring Park, a Green Desert daughter of Burns' outstanding foundation mare Park Express.
We created Fight Hunger Feed Hope to compel people to work together to support sustained aid in a severely ravaged area of the world,” states Sunit Sanghrajka, a native of Kenya and founder of Alluring Africa & Alluring Impact.
of Michigan), by making their products alluring to people around the world.
Eva's bob and Posh goes all soft Pictures: DONATO SARDELLA/ GETTY IMAGES; Alluring.
What if healthcare facilities created unique settings, alluring to baby boomers, that packaged care and assistance in a way that supported the patient while minimizing the emphasis on illness?
The styles of the 1930s are used as a foundation for classic alluring pieces, while attention to lace and other finishing touches add professional chic allure.
They are sexual in a different and alluring way,' she muses.
IT'S NOT terribly alluring although it does have a nice pair of cathedrals - that's the view of Coventry by Lonely Planet Guide writers.
War is all hell and it has been for centuries, and there is no doubt that the "killing fields" of LaBiccocia, Pavia, Lutzen, Malplaquet--or Meggido or Stalingrad, for that matter--have been just as hellish, and as beautiful as the artistic endeavors--photographic (and now cinemagraphic) as well as the traditional means of oil and canvas, sculpture, and tapestry--that have long sought to capture the hellish, wonderful, enduring, alluring appeal of war.