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alure, allure, alur

alure A
A gallery or passage, as along the parapets of a castle, around the roof of a church, or along a cloister.
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Seamie Heffernan, who rides Frosty, was successful twice in the last four years on Alluringly (2017) and Easter (2015).
This collection errs on the optimistic side, even with songs like Take On The Dark, where Shires repeatedly, alluringly croons that "it's OK to fall apart".
The front yard has become an evergreen collection of the bizarre: a manzanita with bark that peels alluringly in summer; the pointy halo of blue-green Dasylirion wheeleri; and the flat, juicy paddles of an Opuntia cactus.
For its part, Figuracion's alluringly metaphorical 'Eternity' puts TJ Trinidad's startling perspicacity and striking screen presence to good use as he breathes palpable life into his role as motivational speaker Andres Marasigan.
Earlier, she had been pipped on the post by Elegant Pose in the Garnet here, having earlier had her Ger Lyons-trained rival behind in third when narrowly beaten by Alluringly in the Hurry Harriet at Gowran Park.
Like many weeknight dishes, the recipe for lokshen mit kaese, as it is called in Yiddish, was budget-friendly, alluringly homey, and effortless.
And the same goes for Parks herself--a brilliant pastry chef who understands why certain desserts are so distinctly desirable and can translate that understanding into recipes that are thoroughly detailed, yet alluringly doable.
ISLAMABAD -- National Police Bureau (NPB) in collaboration with the Research Society of International Law and the International Committee for the Red Cross alluringly has launched a publication entitled "Frequently Applied Police, Laws and Criminal Procedures: An Abridged Compendium".
Spectacularly sited on 10.5 acres and alluringly private at the end of a serpentine private lane, the property was owned in the 1930s and '40s by "Fantasia" composer Leopold Stokowski, who lived there briefly with his third wife, heiress and designer-jeans pioneer Gloria Vanderbilt, and frequently hosted famous friends like Greta Garbo.
Voices in Da Fan, inspired by the noises one hears in the white noise of a fan, has a mechanical insistency to it that is alluringly disturbing.
The alluringly sexy 7 foot tall Lightfire Dolce Vita outdoor gas heater by Italkero can be seen at many bars, hotels and restaurants across Europe.
He created vases as objets, employing alluringly round forms and creating dense textures with glaze drips and interactions of color.